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I purchased a dryer from Menard's which offered a $50.00 mail in rebate. I tracked the rebate on the website and was anxious to use it for spring plants.

It was finally issued on May 18th, 6 weeks after purchase, and promptly voided on May 20th. I received it in the mail on the 21st and went to use it only to have a shopping cart full of plants and a store clerk telling me my rebate was no good! I am beyond pissed! I bought the dryer, and still have it.

I can think of no reason the rebate should have been voided before I even received it in the mail. Then try to contact someone about it. That's a joke. They told me to write a letter.

Come on, a letter, does Menard's not have telephone service? Well I do and I will be filing a complaint with the consumer protection agency. If you too need to file a complaint, look up Wisconsin department of justice and they have a link to a complaint form.

Let's tell Menard's what we expect as consumers. We expect truth in advertising, and customer service when a problem arises.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

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The only reason that I've seen a rebate get voided is if you got a price adjustment. Example - bought a dryer for $599 with a $50 rebate.

Then get it at a better sale price two weeks later for $499 with NO rebate. That would totally void the first rebate and you would not get it because you now bought the dryer on a "different promotion"... otherwise that seems pretty fishy. I have seen customers get ripped off on another rebate.

I e-mailed the rebate center myself and got the custmer their money (after 3 e-mails and 5 weeks). It takes time, but if the store management gets all the proper info.

from you, they can try to solve the problem.... if they don't try, then that is a bad menards because I would do it for you.


menards out sources their rebates like other things such as our credit card so if the rebate was voided not menards problem the reason she told you to write them a letter is because they dont do phone calls once again not menards problem so instead of being a *** to the cashier note that it is not her problem

p.s it is people like you that makes our job suck i think that you should go spend 2 months in retail to know what it feels like


Menards does not out source it. They process rebates right at their General Office!


Get enough hassle and the reality will be that people will not come to the store again.


The people at all the Menards stores have just as much access to information about the rebates as you do so DO NOT get upset at them! go to and send them an email that is the ONLY way to figure out the problem because they DO NOT have a number.


The address the helpful employee gave you is the only way to contact the rebate company. Try the internet also I've heard there is customer service link.

There is no phone number for that company otherwise it would gladly be given out. I suggest you try to figure out if it was voided or used- which you can do at a store.

An employee can look up if,when or where a credit was used. Have a good day.