Eau Claire, Wisconsin

sent in several receipts that were all legitimate purchases w/in the assigned dates. Received a check with the description of each receipt.

My largest receipt was almost $800 with one sale item for just over $200, which brought the total down to just under $600. That receipt alone should have given me a rebate of over $65 yet it was listed on the description as only $24.97. The rest were all correct but they owe me $40 and change.

Repeated contacts by email prove fruitless as they keep repeating the rules and don't address my problem. I followed the rules, THEY didn't.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Menards rebate program sucks the big one . They bank on customers never sending in the forms and make out like a bandit .

When you do send in the forms it takes forever and have to wresle with them to get all your rebates .

*** them I would rather shop at Home Depot .


Yes I spent over 11,000 dollars on a kitchen remodel and I am short 343.00 in my rebate and all they have been doing is saying by e-mail it is under review. What a joke and Menards tells us they have nothing to do with it. Home Depot and Lowes will get my Business from now on


they said they sent the check to my house, but 1 month from now i never see the check


I am having the same problem with a Menard's rebate of $50. I tried to track it but it would say it couldn't find info on me.

I emailed them twice they emailed back that they have no record of me. I did everything exactly how I was supposed to when mailing it in. There is no phone # to talk to anyone in person. I feel a scam.

I am calling the Better Business Bureu about them.

I urge you all to do the same. Good luck


At least you got something, and a response. After multiple attempts to get my rebates and multiple resumptions, I never got one response from the company!

BTW it was over $150 in rebates, and now 0 for 4 in rebates received. Menards rebates are a scam!!


They wouldn't keep repeating the rules if you FOLLOWED THEM. Sounds to me like an issue with purchase LIMIT.

You probably went over the purchase limit the rebate allowed.

I think the main problem here is YOU HAVE I HEAR WHAT I WANT TO HEAR COMPLEX.

And refuse to acknowledge what they're really telling you. The number one problem I have when dealing with a guest is they don't want to hear what I have to say, they just want me to do whatever they say.


Join the ranks of many who are unhappy with Menards rebate program. Bottom line, they will always blame you for why you didn't get what you expected.

So go somewhere else. Employee's like Heartless will be a lot happier then that they don't have to deal with another customer.


I have sent in many rebates, have gotten all of them until the last one. This last one was over $100 and that's the one that gets misplaced or not received, while all the rest being under $25 are not a problem?

And, snide customer service rep, I followed all the "rules" and was not over the purchase limit. Maybe customers would listen to what you had to say if you removed the chip from your shoulder and dropped the attitude!


It seems to me like there is a lot of fine print that is not even printed! To heartless, it seems everyone has the same issue with getting there rebates in full or if not at all!

I purchased laminate flooring and the underlayment was free with rebate. I purchased the exact amount of flooring and underlayment as described.

Still they shorted me 25.00. Sounds like a scam u dickshine