Crestwood, Illinois
Not resolved

I submitted all rebate information within the timely filing period. I received a check for 2.77.

The correct fee should have been 86.15. I received a letted saying the rebate was voided because of a price adjustment. I spent over 800.00 for a water heater. I cannot believe the amount I received for this appliance.

I will never purchase another household item from Menards again regarding any type of rebates. I will also inform everyone I know regarding this injustice. I would appreciate if I could get reimbursed. I work everyday to take care of my home for my family.

My husband is unemployed. I do not have extra money to give to Menards !!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $83.

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I don't work for Menards and have no connection to them.

The tenor of the writers post reveals the extreme perspective. I'll never shop there again... the blind rage attitude that is short on facts. Her defenders post similar paranoia-based

"us against them" comments.

If this woman cares so much, and her dispute is based in facts, then the company will correct the rebate. I've lost out on rebates because I didn't bother to read the guidelines. Yes, I'm embarrased when it happens. But, we live in a world where even adults now are not responsible for their actions... blame someone...anyone, then rant, and rant.


I too want free money. Please send to Obama for me to collect my welfare check.

Thank You


I love how people try to cheat the system then get pissed at the company for trying to stop this unethical behavior. Sale prices and rebates are not a right, they are promotions to get more people into the store.

People like you who try and take advantage of the system is another reason prices get jacked up. Taking advantage of the system is another form of theft.


It is called bait and switch you ***. We're you there or do you work for menards.


If you buy it on the 11% rebate, the water heater is at full price and you will get a rebate based off the regular price of the item. If you come back the next week and get a price adjustment (because the 11% rebate ended, but a new "regular" sale started) you will void the 11% rebate.

This is to stop "double dipping" on both sale opportunities. You get one or the other.

You chose the sale price over the 11% rebate. You will not get any more money out of the rebate company or Menards because you already received the instant sale discount.

@price adjustment

So you work for menards and you have no idea as to what you are talking about