I am caught in a maze of no answers. The store can't help me , the rebate website can't help me, this sight is not helping me. All I want to know is if the rebate form was received.

Location: Marquette, Michigan

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The have piles and piles of rebates waiting to be processed. They aren't going to take someone away from processing them to try and locate yours.

Once they enter your rebate in their system you will see it when you track it.

Once it is in their system it mails within a week or so. My experience with their never ending 11% rebate is that they are taking 3-4 months to get.


Currently the rebates are taking about 3 to 4 weeks based on my last 2 rebates submitted within the past 2 months


The only place that can give you the answer is rebateinternational.com

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