Lindstrom, Minnesota
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Get with it people. With ID theft at an all time high, you should open your eyes.

Exposing your customers to mail fraud will not gain you trust. And the other guys out there selling the same things as you are looking for yet another way to give you a black eye.

Just to point out that we made a fairly large purchase on your 11%rebate,and got the card in the mail.

I went to my local store took out the card and used it on a purchase and was not asked for ID. until

the card was all used up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Been running around with a credit and debit card for 12 years or so, had checks for longer than that. Not as much experience as other people who have been alive longer than me, but I've been asked for ID anywhere exactly ONE time and only when writing a check. I'm not sure how your complaint applies specifically to Menards in this light, nobody IDs on anything anyway except by nature of the purchase (alcohol, gun, etc) not the method of payment.


Menard's has their 11% rebate nonsense often during the year. They like it as people seem to think getting 11% off in the mail that you can only use at a Menard's store is a good deal.

I go to Menard's and buy things I need only when I see they are on sale from their weekly circular. If they have an 11% rebate sale, I just stay away and it is not worth it.


How is a post card exposing you to identity theft? If they sent it in an envelope you name and address would be on the outside of the envelope as well. You got it, you spent it, what seems to be the problem?


If they sent the rebate in a envelope the amount of the check and the fact there is a check all together being mailed would not be in plain view. Imagine what would happen if uncle Sam sent tax refund checks on a postcard form with the value in plain view and no id required to cash or use the check?

The genuine reason uses these postcard rebate checks??? lower cost to produce and mail then a envelope. When people complain they pass them to their artificial company known as Rebates international who never replies.

Also as previously stated when menards has their 11% rebate game, 99.99% of their merchandise is otherwise at full retail price.

I too skip the weeks when menards has this "promotion" and buy items when their on sale prices for well over 11% off retail price. Forget this 11% nonsense you need to f@rt around with filling out, mailing in, wait forever for the check to hopefully arrive then reuse at the store.

@mr customer

Lower company cost=.....what..?

....Lower product price for who again??

Plus I worked for the postal service for 25 years, envelope or no envelope your stuff is getting stolen left and right

Shingle reg.

price =$25

Shingle sale price =$23

Roofing accessories=$75 Sale prices=$98 11% =$89 (Multiplied by size of job) If only math wasn't so difficult.

@mr customer

Yes blame a retail company because mailmen are greedy bastards? Working with money is pretty tempting does any company stay afloat with all this uncontrollable stealing going on..... The *** is wrong with people blaming retailers because mailmen can't keep their hands out the damnm cookie jar.