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I went to menards today to buy some laminate flooring for my house. I noticed that they had a rebate on the underlayment when you purchased the flooring.

I went to the checkout to pay for It and said that I would have to use two credit cards to pay for it. She ran the stuff up seperatly. Because of the way she rang it up, I do not get the rebate on $100 of underlayment. I spent $500 on flooring and they are not giving me what they promised because I had to use two credit cards to pay for it.

Tomorrow I am packing it all back up and tAking it back.

I will go across the street to Lowe's for all my stuff now. I do not need this kind of carp!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

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My guess is the reason this happened is because there is a requirement for the rebate that you must buy so much of the flooring to be eligible. For example, if the rebate required that you buy 100 sqft when she rang it up in 2 separate transactions the system only showed that 50 sqft was purchased per transaction and wouldn't create a rebate receipt, as the register has no way of knowing both transactions were yours.

The cashier has the ability to (and should have) ring up one transaction and split the payment itself between both cards. If you take both of your receipts into the Service Desk they should easily be able to combine the two transactions for you so you can get your rebate.

There shouldn't even be any issues with your cards delaying credit back because it's just a matter of transferring the funds between your transactions and the new combined transaction. Hope this helps and please give us another try.


What on earth are you talking about? Carp?

Perhaps you are using the wrong bait if it's carp. If it's rebates like you indicated in the title nothing of what you said adds up.

Two credit cards, why? The only time a rebate will be refused is if you exceeded the limit or it was not on rebate to begin with.


That is NOT True. I purchased 700 Sq Ft of Flooring,a nd Purchased 700 Sq ft of underlayment in two transactions.

As a Result I only received the rebate on the four underlayment that I bought with the 700 ft of flooring. When I sent the rebate in, I wrote a letter and provided ALL the receipts and information.

Because the Rebate receipt was only listing the four underlayment, I believe they ignored everything I did and bought and only gave me what the rebate receipt indicated. BUNCH OF *** CROOKS THEY ARE!!!


None of this makes any sense! First of all, why would you have to use two credit cares, unless you didn't have enough credit on one.

Secondly, you could have used 30 different tenders....credit cards, store credit, coupons, check, cash, etc...and you ABSOLUTELY would have gotten the rebate. It is not based on your method of payment.

I call B.S. to this story!!


Doesn't do any good to complain here. Bet if you talked to their office manager they could get it wrung up so you can get your rebate.

Hope you don't plan on going to Lowes the same day and using the same credit cards you used at Menards. It will take a few days for the banks to show the credit on your account.