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There is no "second company" to blame. There is no magical rebate international building; there's a reason it's a PO Box! Rebate international is a mailbox, which is organized and sorted through corporate Menards.

The problem as an employee is they tell us we can only check IDs if we're handed rebates totaling a high amount. Then if the ID and the info don't match we're to tell them the person needs to sign the rebate over to them; like a bank check.

The problem is what's stopping them from putting the rebate in their pocket and signing it over to themselves in the parkinglot?! I have caught hundreds of these people and I would write on the rebate "CHECK ID" so that each time they would try to redeem it the next cashier could stop them, not anymore!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

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Way to automatically assume I wouldn't know all of those things already. Seems like you're pretty good at doing that around here. Congrats on making a whole comment about something that's a leap of your imagination.


@ Lifer your not as bright as you think you are. Everyone tries to sell them the EPP plans it promotes you to before you can even write up and invoice. 99% of the people say no, they know it's a cash grab. However, some re-think it as they walk up to the register and that's why you sell so many.... It's also why they give you the option to sell it as well.

And hate to break it to you don't know anything about the the stuff on the sales floor or how to sell it. If I'm using the term T25 drill bit what am I referring to? Whats does it mean on a mower when it says 3 in 1 or 2 in 1? What oil does the majority of Menards Mowers run on? What's the difference between a carriage bolt and a hex bolt? Whats the difference between a single stage snow-blower and double stage? What does CC stand for? How do you make an overstock a pallet? What is the proper protocol for overstocking an item above in the aisle? Whats type of screws would get for someone using sheetrock? If someone wanted to use screws with their joist hangers what would you recommend them? Which nails fit in our coiling roofing nails? Whats the difference between a brad nailer and a finishing nailer? What does the numbers on a beg of fertilizer stand for? Where exactly in the store would you find a Plum-bob? I could go on and on and on and on..

You couldn't tell me one of those answers with out googling it and most of them you would never know with out actually doing it.....Simply knowing where something is does not mean you have a freaking clue how to use it or sell it to someone. Hopefully you get the point.


I've been with Menards for 8 years as a cashier and I know just as much as the departments on the floor. I've sold so many EPP plans to people with items on an invoice that the floor person just avoided that its not even funny; and I have to pay close attention to realize that what's on the invoice could have an EPP instead of just shuffling the herd out the door.

I rarely call for skus because the magical register has an awesome product search button that finds it for me, all on my own doing.

Not all cashiers are dipshyts. Oh an Menards lies and fires constantly, it's a twisted corporation, but if you have the ability to stand up for yourself they won't run all over you.


@ Victim of Menards you're also clueless. It's obvious you were a cashier and they know the least, everyone in the store knows that. All the cashiers at my store have worked there for at least 2 years none have been fired or tell lies.


I agree that it is bs that employees r told to lie to shoppers without being told to lie. Send this to a p.o.

box call this # to leave a message of ur complaint...come on...its supposed to b all about helping ppl getting them what they need not just putting something n their cart and pretending it will work for them. But at the store I worked for the atmosphere was so negative, hostile, and riddled with fear from intimidation that they couldn't keep anyone around long enough to do any good. So every few wks there r brand new ppl telling the same ole lies about rebates and how they aren't thru menards so send it to this p.o. box and u will get ur money.

Only its not money its an in-store credit which everyoneaes and *** about so they r told to call a complaint # which is a voice mail only # u won't ever actually speak to anyone. And go ahead as an employee or customer and email a complaint to the general office so they can send a copy to that stores g.m. who will then let other managers read it while making fun of the complainte while the h.r.

henchman who happens to b the g.m's bff gets ur termination paperwork ready. The company is backwards that's for sure.


Yo should change your name to I'm clueless.