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I have tried e-mailing "rebate international" two days & have not been successful.There is no way to contact them other than e-mail, which won't go through!

How do you check your rebate status on the site if the site isn't available! Another scam. I've tried many different ways of doing this & have been unsuccessful! Really disappointed in the way things are handled.

Did you ever try calling customer service for Menards? That's a real treat too! She has to be Mrs. Menards the way she acts.

Definately needs to attend charm school for a while!

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Sent in rebate form on 7/12/2017 still no rebate The rebate is for $612.00 please do not shop at Menards


Sent In rebate 8-15-17 and still not received anything this is 11-14-17


I have been trying to get my full Menards rebate from these people for several months.They finally sent me a partial rebate, but it was way short of what it is supposed to be.

Send an email and it sends back that they will respond in 3-5 days. Good luck!! I finally gave up and lived with my 5.8% rebate.

I would be happier if retailers would just offer a good product at a fair price and quit playing these games.I no longer shop Menards during their rebate promotions.


We also sent in rebate receipts to rebate international.The receipts were over $1000.00.

So our rebate should have been over $100.00. We received a check for around $30.00. Contacted them via email and the person wanted the number from their paperwork. We did not have that but had copies of the receipts.

We gave the copies to them and now they say they need the original receipts. How can we send originals when the originals were sent to them initially.

And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to look at the copies and know it is not something we could have typed up ourselves.The public should not have to deal with such nonsense when there is already enough stress in the world.

Lima, Ohio, United States #1347239

Recently saw where a rebate for me in the amount of $9.00 plus a few cents was being processed but never receivced the voucher.

to Anonymous #1394007

I had the same problem


We bought 5000 dollars worth of carpet and sent in out rebate and never received it.We sent it in with another rebate and got the small one but not the big one and they claim that they never got it when it was in the same envelope.

They will not give us a rebate on it!Hate menards!!

Sterling Heights, Michigan, United States #1311972

i will cost you in the long run. be ready


menards is a third party *** joke, never again to shop there

and will make sure other not shop there!!!!

Casco, Michigan, United States #1311962

i did not receive me rebate on door, i will mail again!!!!!

mail out on 2-18-2017 #6707 receipt

store #3307

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