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i purchesed a drill bit set from menards and did not get my 30.00 rebateso how do i receive my rebate from menards or am i out of luck i would love to have my rebate to spend but no i did not get onei do not know when i purchesed it and it was a Drill Craft Drill and Drive Accessory 246 piece DTC00246 if you can help me i would be very happy i do not know the excact date i purchesed it but you may contact Menards in Bellevue Nebraska to see when it was on sale

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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there is a dotted line towards the bottom part of your receipt with a rebate number,did you pick up the rebate coupon with the same number? did you mail it in before the last mail in date?

did you correctly and neatly fill in your information?

did you send it correctly to the po box on the coupon? if so you should be receiving it 6-8 weeks from the last mail in date


Define why you didn't get your rebate. If you missed the deadline, like I have, return the item WITH BOTH receipts and they will give you your money back. Or you can check:

Good luck!

retail worker 123

Oh, wow. Someone that pays attention to guidelines. Good job!


The rebates usually take 6-8 weeks, i thought i was out of luck too but i ended up receiving mine. if you put an email address on rebate form they update you too.