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I'm highly disappointed with the store. I purchased about $800 plus items from my local store last month.

I happened to misplaced my receipt together with my rebate paper.

The store, customer service and capital one are all giving me the run around. They said they couldn't help me and I think there is something the store could do because I spent close to $900 and rebate is about $100 plus.

Location: Aurora, Illinois

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Nope. If you read the terms and conditions it states it must be the original receipt.

Not there fault you can’t keep track of your receipts. Stop feeling the world owes you.


They aren't able to print duplicate rebate receipts for a reason. Printing duplicate rebate receipts would allow people to submit duplicate rebates. You shouldn't expect them to print a duplicate rebate receipt for one you lost than you should expect them to replace a $20 bill you got in change at their store and somehow lost.


There's got to be something the store manager can do.

@Louetta Pwr

LOL. There isn’t. This is like asking to speak to a manager when you’re told YOU messed up.

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