My rebate was mailed but never received. All I got from Menards customer service was their credit card service no matter what $I used

Location: Alliance, Nebraska

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There is no one to call. You can track your rebate on their website.

Be aware that they can take months to receive and once you do get it, it will be a folded post card with advertising on the back that looks like junk mail.

Your rebate won't show up in their tracking system until they open and enter your rebate. As they run rebates that cover every transaction made in over 300 stores they have mountains of mail to open and it may be months till they get to yours.


Takes months and months to process the rebates, but yet when you make a purchase the funds are charged to your credit card or withdrawn from your checking account literally within seconds of the transaction?????? If they can get the full 100% of the payment right away, why do they take forever to issue 11% store credit???? Perhaps John Menards just likes collecting intrest from withholding the 11% store credit for months?

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