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I recently visited a Menards store and they are all pretty much alike, so this is for all the stores. I am a large woman that carries a purse and a portable oxygen tank. When I entered the store it was hard to get through the turnstyle thing. What is the purpose of this thing anyway?I know being overweight is my responsability, but does the store need to embarass us?

If someone could give me a reasonable explanation for this devise, I would greatly appreciate it.

If it is security for that door, then find another way.

Don't treat large people poorly.

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Nobody is treating you poorly. Open your eyes and open the gate up next time so you dont have to make yourself look awkward.


Every Menards I've been to has a gate by the turstyles. Maybe your Menards don't


As has already been posted, yes, the stores use the turnstiles to reduce theft. There is a gate next to these turnstiles for large carts and foot traffic to walk through.

You can use this at any time, just try to shut the gate after you walk through it. You can also enter the store through the exit (at most stores) and walk through the register lanes.

During most of the year, the garden center can also be used as an entrance. Reducing theft keeps prices down and inventory accurate, both things I'm sure you appreciate when you shop the store!


She may be fat but some of you are rude. She can go on a diet but you can't fix *** rude idiots like you.


:( This lady obviously has health problems, thus the oxygen tank. Why do so many people find it necessary to come back with such rude answers.

Please try the gate rather than the turnstile next time. Is it that difficult to give a polite answer.


All stores have a four foot wide gate either to the left or the right of the turn styles that any customer can flip the latch and walk through. How do you think they get their freight carts from the parking lot back into the store?


The reason for the turnstyle is to deter theft.It does not turn the other way,thus preventing people from grabbing a large item and going back thru,hitting the entrance doors and taking off!!


Sew them


Sew them? I didn’t hear the part that she’s a seamstress.


Its to see how many people enter the store and how much they make per customer am i right or wrong


the turnstyle is there to prevent theft. theft = higher prices. i'm sure even your large *** can appreciate that.


i do have empathy for you , I see people struggle with their oxygen tanksso much . Our local Menards has a turnstyle and recently they removed the gate next to it and opened it up .

I see where that makes it much nicer even for mothers pushing baby strollers . I hope your local Menards will do something similar.


Dammit....I really hate fat people. So lazy.

If you can't even squeeze your way thru a turnstile, then I don't know what to say to you. You're fat by choice, suffer the consequences.


Do you really think the turnstyle is treating large people poorly? There is a gate RIGHT NEXT to the turnstyle that is 4' wide and opens. Perhaps you could squeeze through that.