Salina, Kansas

We bought $2000 worth of this snap lock flooring from menards. Store sold it with a ten year warranty.

Floor was installed by me. Who has installed miles of flooring. The floor starting bucking from my wifes feet bieng wet from the shower. She messes around after the shower in the bathroom for a good ten minutes before walkng on the floor.

Holy *** its buckeling down the hallway to from my daughters feet. Its been installed for less than 3 months. Menards says they have no responsibilities and to get a hold of the manufacture. We did, it took them 2 months and 4 calls later to come out.

Sent some inspector who acts like you will be getting your money back. A month later you get the report. The report says the installer should not of installed it due to the fact there are imperfections in the flooring purchased. Now there is a new design out with waxed coded tongue and groove.

Its for better water proofing. So we got screwed out of a whole house of flooring. Dont buy there ***. if you have questions

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We have completed a full basement remodel and used the "rapid loc" bamboo, beautiful for about a month, now it is separating in the kitchenette area. We have Stove,Refrig,Base cabinets with Quarts top and an Island also with Quarts top.

the flooring is floating, met all install instructions...Now I'm told the Island can not be anchored. (this tidbit is NOT mentioned in any installation instructions) Yep- not warranteed....Real Happy with ****-loc.


Just so we are clear for the last time. It has been redesigned by the manuf.

I did not install on bathroom but did in the kitchen. It has 0 water protection.

A ice cube will leave a bubble. Bell im afraid to wash it.


This is a truly horrible product. I installed throughout my house -- of course not in a bath -- and it will not withstand even a drop of water.

I feel like I through $2,000 to the wind. I beat myself up every time I see it.


People must not have a brain. It never was installed in a bathroom.

Yes hallways from bathroom to living room. Living to kitchen kitchen to bedrooms.

There are lots of snaplock brand floorings out there. I guess my main problem is Menard's doesn't warranty an product they sell.


You are 100% correct in stating that Menards doesn't warranty a product they sell. The retail store you buy a product in does not warranty the product.

The warranty is the responsibility of the manufacturer. Your complaint should be with the manufacturer of the flooring, not the store you bought it at.


I did contact the manfuacture. Menard's states they ate not responsible for any product they sell.

Which state and federal law states differently. A company whom made profit on a product has a resposibulty unless a written contract is established.

Anyways Menard's says to contact the manufacture in which we did. The manufacture did state that the


Wow I think I agree what a yes in deed.

Our floor is over 6 years old and have had no issues.

Its in the kitchen dining living sitting room and hall we have a dog and two kids. It looks as good as the day we installed it ( our selves )

we are now going to be installing it in a down stairs bedroom and TV room

I just cannot believe you people you beat the living *** out of something and then *** when it fails

Get a life


As I said below this flooring is absolutely horrible for everyday use in a real persons home. It doesn't hold up to traffic at all! It scratches easy, shows wear marks from minute 1, and looks good only until walked on with boots, heals, pet claws, or rocks in your shoes...NONE OF WHICH IS COVERED BY THEIR WARRANTY!...*** *** *** product.


what are you talikng about. who would install wood floor in the bathroom.

Are ou a bot becouse I done already said. Its int eh kitchen living room bedrooms hallways closets. No where did I say bathroom. By the way I have some different flooring in my rental.

Its been there for 5 years. I instalkled it before the *** rock, wiring, paint, cabinets, countertops, paint etc. Its still looks good. Only reason i installed before all that work was becouse i was living in it and the floor looked horrile so i covered it up.

I never had a problem with that other brand. My renter called the pther day the dish washer flooded the kitchen guess what not one buckle. Your brand you are trying to stand up for was not designed right. Menards did nothing for us.

They said they are not responsible.

And the manufacture said they are improving there products everyday. Mean while my floor is getting scratches daily and warps when I sneeze.


Please GOD for the love of all things holy and otherwise DO NOT buy this flooring for anything other than a NO TRAFFIC SHOW HOME! It matches our cherry stained kitchen cabinets very well and drew the dining room and kitchen together perfectly...for about half an hour.

We just installed 320 sq ft in our dining room and within 30 minutes our dog walking through it left little indentations at every spot her claws hit. I thought it was superficial but upon closer inspection it made a large indentation and this is not a large dog. Dinner time comes and we have felt cushions on the bottom of our chair legs. Slide them out, eat, then slide them back in and there are circular marks the size of a quarter in the floor from the legs of the chairs where we sat in them.

Having remodeled houses since the mid 90's and owning multiple homes which i rent or family occupies I can NOT and will NOT recommend rapid-loc flooring to anyone at anytime in the present or near future.

It is soft beyond belief and has cost us over a thousand dollars in materials alone. If you don't believe me...take a piece at your local store, lay in on the floor, drop your keys and step on them as though you had missed your will see the level and damage and forever be a believer in this products less than mediocre quality.


Yes its me again peter. first of all sorry about your luck.

But yes you are screwed. We have spots showing up all the time. some time or another im gonna have to take it all apart and repair. wife put a trash bag that leaked on to the floor while she put a new one in the can when it caused our most recent bubble.

unpracticle *** i have ever seen.I founfd out it is made of different kinds of wood. partical board aswell as real wood. the particul board is what is swelling. doesnt lock tight and there you have it.

feel free to answer back. i am getting the notifications.


Just finished laying four rooms of RapidLoc. A spot of water on the kitchen floor and it has created a half dollar sized bubble.

I am about to contact the manufacturer but from what you said, I may be contacting a lawyer.

Now, I know the warranty excludes water but this isn't a flood or a glassful. It's a drop.

@Peter J.

Yes melted ice cubes causes dime size buckles. Yes chairs cause major scratches. Wwoden chairs with felt bottsnhelp bit once that felt wears scratch you ate being reminded time for more felt


Its me the one who commented originally. I didnt install it in the bathroom.

Duh, that doesnt work. I ment was she hangs out in the bathroom for awhile begore coming out of the bathroom and walks on the floor into the bedroom or hallway where it buckles.

I am not a show off nut have installed plenty of floor. this flooring is ***.


you installed it wrong likly hood of the situation. or your just an *** who thinks he knows it all.

plus why the *** put it in a bathroom. no one at home depot lows or menards would tell you that its okay in a bathroom/


People need to realize that water and WOOD floors do not mixed whether it is engineered wood or not. I mean seriously why would you put hardwood flooring in a bathroom? Thats common sense.


This is pre-engineered hardwood, and you would not install in the bathroom because it is only a slim coating of hardwood over composite. Traditional hardwoods have been installed in baths and kitchens for years.