Saint Louis, Missouri
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I can't believe in this time of economy problems that you can raise the price of one item sooooo much in such a short time. About a month ago I bought some Hazelnut wall paneling and paid 13 something a sheet the other day I bought 5 more of the same thing for 17 something a sheet.

The gas has come down since then not gone up. I doubt I will shop there again when Mernards can't have a little compasion for the consumers. When I asked a worker about it, she happily said "Well that's the way things are in these times" Which seemed to annoye me more even more.

I use to shop there quite often, but guess what? I will find another place to take my money.

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Total *** you know lowes and home depot has the same paneling and its more yet. Try them next time.


LOL, what a mope. Hey, why don't you take your smelly arm pit, bad breath, tobacco/alcohol smell, rude, disrespectful, ***, *** all over the toilet seat, *** on the floor at menards, throw your snot rag on the shelf, stealing, and I demand and can’t figure out why I don’t get grade A++ customer service and prices attitude somewhere else.

And when you find out know body cares at the other stores and the price is 5 times higher, you’ll be right back. Guaranteed. You’re the loser. Not us.

Nobody wants to here it.

Your just a dime for a dozen. Mope!


Millwork Marauder, is "concordantly" a real word?

Your using lots of numbers and adding and words and stuff to make your point. I think you should just cut to the chase by simply calling this guy a *** and moving on.

As the old saying goes, "work smarter, not harder".



Please, take your business elsewhere. You're going to see the prices and come right back.

Do you really think that Lowe's or Home Depot are going to be cheaper? Hardly. I'm sure you're the type of person that says "Of course they are", and you're sorely mistaken. Go ahead, shop down at Bob's Hardware on your local street corner.

He'll be $10 more expensive.

Just please, before you come getting mad about our co-workers for telling it like it is, go shop around and see other's prices. You'll see that we're the most fair priced in town.


So do you think that because gas is going down, prices will too concordantly? You have no idea how many price changes we do on a daily basis.

I do my own in my department almost every morning, and half the the time they're going down a few cents here and there. The thing is, the whole company gets these price change reports. Now if we've got 275+ stores, and each store goes down (let's just say) $0.05 each, that's $13.75 for literally one item to our company overall. God knows we don't just carry ONE item in each, so let's say it's a plumbing product...

some of those we carry hundreds of each. At 100 items at $0.05 a piece, that's down $5 per store for ONE ITEM. Now take your $5 x 275 stores. $1375 we didn't make that day through the entire company on one product alone.

The thing you're not realizing is that you're calling Menards the *** for screwing you, but A.) we're lower than everyone else and B.) the economy is a joke right now. Lest we forget the one key to all of this that Fella brought up - SUPPLY AND DEMAND. Here's the thing: If the supply is greater than the demand, we lower the price. If the demand is higher than the supply, we raise the price.

I promise you that Menards isn't the only company doing this.

I'm sure you're shocked by this. Pick up a economics textbook every once in a while and read it, it'll do you some good.


supply and demand, mor0n.

not everyone is as broke and desperate as you. get over it.


Pretty dumb to make that assessment based off the price of 1 single item out of 40,000 items in the store. I do price changes often,some go up and some go down depending on market conditions,competitor pricing,vendor costs,etc.

That paneling could just as easily go down in price later on.

Also,keep in mind that the stores do not set their own prices. And it's a FACT that Lowes and Depot have higher prices than Menards,so if you want to spend more money somewhere else,well.....