Schererville, Indiana
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item wicker set not available the time it was on sale was given rain check for the item went back to the store to buy it employee doesn't know how to enter it in computer will not give the item to me for the rain check price of 189.99 despite of the fact the price was listed on the raincheck ,was told to pay the current price of 239.00 of course I was annoyed never heard of raincheck not honored by the store that issued it in the first place,it is the newly opened Menard's in Schererville Indiana the store looks great the service is poor very inexperienced workers

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Actually when the new schererville store opened 80% of their employees were vets, with an average length of service of 5 years (remember: average). How do I know ?

Because I was there. The store is the best in 50 miles, and you can eat a bag of *** if you feel otherwise :)


The service in the Schererville, IN store is terrible. The store is way to big.

Whoever heard of a hardware store with some type of esculator that takes 5 minutes to get up stairs & 5 minutes to get down.

Then when you get up there, their out of the product you wanted & don't understand why your disappointed. If you have all day to get a few things at the hardware store, then Menards in Schererville Indiana is the place to go.


Yes they have inexperienced employees because they just opened.


The only person who would have cared about the rain check was the cashier, a sales person could do nothing with it. If the cashier was unsure on what they needed to do they would have had the head cashier come over and they would have adjusted the price. So either you were talking to a sales associate who can't do anything with it or the 90 days was up.


Perhaps you were talking to a new employee. Rather than running home and posting to a web site that can do nothing to get you the sale price it would have made a lot more sense to ask for a manager who could have 1) gotten you the sale price and 2) showed the employee how to do it in the future. It's unfortunate that it happened but I'll bet you didn't know everything about the job you do the day you started either.


While it might be a new store writing a price change is a very basic task. Unless it was an employee that was on their first day im guessing you waited too long and the 90 days for the sale price was up. therefor it is not their fault most likely and probably yours.