Madison, Wisconsin

I just left the east side Madison store and what I witnessed has me shaking and very upset. I spent over 1500.00 in the last month buying things at their stores in the Madison area to refurbish my bathroom.

Tonight I went to the east side store about 7pm and a black man was trying to bring back a lawn mower he bought 2 days ago because the cord did not pull. I saw their employee Jason dealing with him. He was not rude but did ask for a new mower or his money back. Jason said he had to take it to some repair shop.

The man then got very upset and said he just bought is 2 days ago and there was not even a blade of grass on it and he could not use it. Jason kept saying well he didn't know what the customer did to it but it had to go to a service place. This treatment of this man was a clear case of racism if I ever seen it. Myself and my white boyfriend has returned many items over the years and have never been accused of doing something to an item that would cause us not to be able to return it.

I liked Menards up until this day. It makes my stomach roll as to what I witnessed and it will take a lot for me to return.

My other biggest complaint is I never get thanked by their employees. I get "have a good one" or 'have a nice day" but not thank you. I am tired of that.

Maybe that's the way employees say thank you now, but I don't appreciate it. The last time I was there I spent over 1200.00 and no thank you.

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I currently work at Menards and i know for a fact that they are racist things just dont add up to why the white employees who do the same job and are part time get 35 hrs a week while the blacks get 8-16 hrs a week explain that


I, too, experienced the very same thing, but firsthand in the Richmond, IN. I am Hispanic and American citizen with father veteran who served Korean War (deceased) and brother, veteran and sin, Air Force, currently deployed.

Went to get odds and ends for spring cleaning and maintenance and the same salesperson who helped me in lighting, follows me throughout the store. I picked up $2.67 lighting screw replacements, but I needed cleaning supplies and miscellaneous items.

The problem is when I ran into him the fifth time, when I was looking for towels (which I could've purchased more inexpensively at Walmart) he was talking to another person, a lady, loudly, and I overheard him say, "yeah, we get one of them every now and then." Disgusting ignorance and profiling by employee on behalf of Menard's. Lowe's and Home Depot (Dayton) seem to be a better places to buy for our upcoming remodeling projects.


sounds like a lot of menards employees stickig up for their company


Yeah umm you're dumb. Gas powered pushed equipment sold by Menards once it has gas put in it cannot be returned it must go to a service center.

No racism was occurring.

Also, you're not entitled to a thank you. Saying have a nice day or have a good one is just as good.


QUOTE: Myself and my white boyfriend UNQUOTE.. the way you say that it makes me think you are not white and are one of the people who cry racist if you do not get your way. You must be a real winner


ummm i like number 4s answer. youre an ***. dont assume. and its not racism. Taken from the actual Menards website Exceptions concerning your return or exchange:

"Return Policy varies by product type. These exceptions are denoted on the front of the register receipt in the following manner:

•(GP) Gas Powered items may be returned or exchanged within 30 days of purchase with a receipt if the item has not been used, in original package, and no gas was put into the item. If items do not meet these rules, the guest must take to an authorized service center for repair. If not under warranty, repair is at guest's expense. Returns, refunds, or exchanges must have a receipt."


What you whitnessed was not racism but a genuine example of passing the buck. A customer service proudly provided over and over by menards staffing.

They state on the sign they can not accept of gas equipment due to manufacture policy.......... what policy??? all the lawn mowers, generators, power washers are generic offbrand names that service centers refuse to touch due to low quality and nearly zero parts access. Also try to file a warranty form with ying yang yo in china and see for yourself the leadtime to be reimbursed for your service and mechanics time as a service provider.

Trust me folks the old phrase "you get what you pay for" is more true then ever with the pallets of china stuff taking over america. If menards sold toro john deere, simplicity, ariens, lawn boy, honda, echo or any quality equiment perhaps their return rate would drop quickly. The bottom line is them saying the manufacter wont permit menards to accept returns is just a bunch of garbage.

you pay a couple bucks more for a quality mower at the local service dealer as opposed to the *** wynag young mower on sale for only $99.99 after rebate at menards but parts access, durability and service down the road will be a big differnce. Speaking of signs at stores I proudly have one at the service counter stating no "made in china offbrand equipment serviced here due to limited quality and parts access" only ones who have an issue with the sign are menards customes being victims of buyers remorse

thank you and suport your local business instead of the greedy big box stores destoying the economy


Wow the same thing happened to me. They must be racist against me to.

Can you be racist against your own race? I'm white.

As stated in the other comments, know the policy. It sucks , but it is their policy.


Young lady, you need to grow up. You obviously attended a public school and thus have little, if any common sense.


That is NOT being racist. If you knew the return policy, anything gas powered has to be taken to a service center first if they put gas in it, NO MATTER WHAT.

If they can't fix it, they give the guest a paper saying so and then we can return it, as then it would be a defected item.

Maybe you should know the whole story before assuming such things.


You know what I love about all of these complaints, people like you think that just because you say how much you spend there one or two times you have a right to complain about little things. The service desk person was 90% right, any time a lawn mower or item that requires gasoline to run, has had gasoline put into it Menards cannot except it back unless in extreme cases, such cases require a Hardware manager or a General Managers approval.

What you saw does not sound one bit like racism. It sounds like how any person would be treated. What made it sound racist was that YOU brought up the fact that he was black, YOU said that YOU and YOUR white boyfriend were shopping there. If I would have read this without the words "Black" and "white" thrown in it I would have never thought of it like that.

It is pretty *** that you are not going to shop there anymore just because of something that didn't even happen to you!

Oh and about that *** "I never get thanked by their employees" comment, that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard! Even more *** than the first part of this post. Please, whenever I hear an employee say have a nice day or something along those lines I am thankful that they say that because it is a lot more than what other stores say!

Most stores cashiers are rude and do not really give a *** about the customer. At least whenever I go to Menards I am thankful that the employees are very nice and very knowledgeable about what they are doing! I still just cannot believe that because you do not hear the words "thank you" that that gets you mad and everything.

Stupidest complaint I have ever read! So coming as a former employee and dedicated shopper for life at Menards I would personally like to THANK YOU for never shopping at Menards again because it just makes it that much more enjoyable for the rest of the shoppers!