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The Menards on Fort hill in Naperville Illinois is located in culturally diverse area. In the recent past, the employees were a mix of people of all races, a fair representation of the consumers that shop at this particular menards

Recently, the employees are all white.

Walking through there is a throw back to the 1950's, it looks odd. Out of about 20 employees there was one black man and one hispanic man. Yet there the proportion of shoppers that were of color was much greater.

If menards is hiding their emplyees of color in the back, say in the lumber yard, this too is a case of racism accoring to the law. There is no way that this lack of diversity is coincidental, they must have a racist hiring practice.

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Yeah, if you're really that concerned about affirmitive action, do you really think that here at the pissed consumer website is the answer to rid Menards of this ALLEGED evil?

If your truly concerned you need to contact the government.

Also, never been to that store, but most "yard dogs"(lumberyard) employees request that position due to the extra pay incentive they receive for forklift licenses.

The people hired has to due with work experience, history & availability. Don't care if you're HR at Walmart, Lowes, Burger King or Menards.

Bottom line is Menards isn't a very good job. Maybe the asian americans, african-americans, & hispanic americans had better education & overall more intelligence to enable them to do better things than to stock shelves for idiots like yourself.