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On August 5th, we called Menards in Warren Ohio because after searching online for schedule 40 pipe, we found they had the lowest price listed. We called and we were quoted a price of $7.39 cents by customer service rep named Rachel. She also said that since we were purchasing in a large amount, (120) of them that there would be volume pricing making that purchase per pipe $6.58. So, at that point we also asked her if the pipe that she was quoting the price for was equivalent to schedule 40 pipe and she said,"Oh yes!" (at this point she was speaking with my son) I then got on the phone and asked again if this was in fact the correct quote, and if it in fact was equivalent to schedule 40 pipe, and she again assured me that it was. I then asked her that since it was such a large amount, if it was in stock, she again said yes. At this point I asked if I needed to reserve it, and pay for it before we traveled there because it was going to take us sometime to get there. She said she would reserve it and I would pay when I got there.

I then rented as truck large enough to carry them for 225.00 and we traveled over 200 miles to go pick them up. While we were there we also purchased additional pipe and fittings. When we got to check out they charged us $7.39 a pipe, and argued that we did not get that quote for over 20 minutes, and I finally just paid for the piping and we went out to the yard to load it.

Upon inspection of the pipe, it was in fact NOT the correct pipe and the manager also asked if we had gotten the other pipe that we had paid for while LOOKING IN THE EMPTY TRUCK!!! We wound up paying another $550.00 for the correct pipe, even after we were assure that the other pipe was the correct pipe BEFORE we traveled the 200 miles and rented a truck to pick them up!!!

This was not our mistake and we wound up spending another $775.00 that we wouldn't have had to spend if we weren't mislead and misquoted to begin with!!!! We should have been given the quoted price for what we thoroughly checked into before we traveled that far and spent extra funds for.

The manager acted as tho he was superior to us, and wouldn't listen to the situation, and we repeated ourselves several times to explain it, and he also acted as tho we were lying. We wouldn't have traveled that far for the fun of it, and spent the extra money just for that!!!Bullshit

Product or Service Mentioned: Pipe.

Reason of review: poor customer service,pricing issue,not as described.

Monetary Loss: $775.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Menards Cons: Customer service, Willing to make their problem look like your fault, Manager.

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What was the price you saw when you looked it up online? Why would you call for a price quote when the price was on-line?

It would also tell you on-line how many they had on hand? Something isn't quite right with your story, If the price were so wrong you wouldn't have paid another $775.


The original price was $7.39 a piece but be cause of the amount the quoted what they call VOLUME PRICING at $6.58 each.. We purchased 120 of them and volume pricing comes into effect when you purchase 50 or more!

There is nothing not right with my "story" as you say, as we spent extra finances to patronize this store that we wouldn't have spent if we weren't quoted this to begin with when we called to make sure they had them in stock because of the distance we were traveling.... read again and you will see this.


Doesn't matter if you were lying or not. Ultimately at the end of the day YOU are the one spending the money and it is up to YOU and only you to be the most informed even if you were given the wrong info.


Besides, why would you look up the right product and not verify that's what you're paying for? If you had to drive around back they had to write out a slip with the product and amount.

You didn't check it.

You also relied on a sales clerk to tell you what you needed. You being uninformed isn't their fault.