Sedalia, Missouri
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Max rebate was for 20 qts only purchased 10, sent in 2 rebate forms for 5 qts ea, they sent one and ignored the other their web site for tracking is a joke will not accept the rebate #. Naturally store just refurs you to web site.

If you are a vet. home depot.

lowes, and Sutherland all give immediate discount at register and you are not paying double sales tax on rebate and postage to send it in and sometimes you don't receive.Have been jacking with this for nearly 2 months, what a joke most of the time they are out of the sale advertised items if you don't get there the first day of sale. think think overall this is just a scam.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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You are incorrect about the double tax. That is simply not true.

If you contact the rebate company, they will fix it. I've done this a dozen times for customers in mhy store and the rebate company makes it right 100% of the time.


The problem is you did not follow the instructions. ALL YOU NEED was 1 rebate form, with you receipt cut outs.

The reason this is because people try and scam the system. Had you followed the instructions like a smart person does you would have got your full rebate credit. The best part is your complaining about a system you do not have to take part in.

It's your choice to buy the item that has a rebate on it. You really should try working retail and see how difficult it is to deal with the clueless like yourself.


Perhaps the customer purchased oil in 2 seperate transactions so used 2 forms. Still only 1/2 of the limit no matter what way you look at it.

Menards uses their own rebate company with fictional name just to pass the buck? Menards rebates are useless as indoor rain gutters.

@Menards corporate employee

Perhaps he did. There are still terms to abide by.

If the terms are limited to 1 submission per address don't expect to be paid for the 2nd submission.

The rebates work great for anyone that can follow the rules. If you can't it's your own fault.


Most of the rebates have a limit of 1 rebate per address. If you had submitted the rebate on 1 form you would have received your whole rebate.

In submitting 2 forms you didn't follow the terms of the rebate and were not paid the 2nd claim. Not their fault you didn't abide by the terms of the rebate.