Englewood, Colorado
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Purchased a whirlpool washer from menards and paid for delivery. They arrived 21/2 hours late and my husband who has a back injury hadf to help unload it and load the old one.

It did not come with any packaging. The delivery guy left and my huband turned it on. It doesn't work. Now Menards won't let us return it and tell us to call whirlpool about it.

Really!!!! We purchased a new product that obviously is faulty and you take no responsibility for it.

NICE. What kind of company shows such horendous policies towards good customers?

Monetary Loss: $449.

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Its not menards, its thw applaince manufacture and the warranty that thay make retailers enforce. The problem really comes into play that we dont service the product.



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omg it is not menards fault that your *** washer does not work do you think that we turn them on and do a load of laundry in each and every one just to make sure they work? of course not cause if we did you would be just as mad that you got a "used" washer. so call the company that makes the *** thing and have them send out a repair man to fix it.