Saint Louis, Missouri
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I's been trying to get my rebate from Menards for months, no luck, tryed to return the item for cash no luck, I had enough, I went to Small Claims

Court. Court date 11/8/11 10:00 AM. Cost $25.00 to file. If I loose oh

well at leased I tryed. I'll let everone know how if comes out. I feel I

have a good case. But my own family think my crazy, they say you can,t

fight the big corp. I say why not, if I loose I'm only out the court cost

I still feel i'm the right.

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learn to f*ckin type.


Too: Duhhh:

1. Terrible handwriting may be I,ll give you that one.

2. Followed all instructions.

3.Rebate tracker, did that.

4. Recieved and sent out. I never recieved.

5. Went to service deck told to go online, did so no help.

6. I did my homework.

7. Ruining things? What should I do just forget the $50 I have coming, don,t think so.

8. What more can I do, I tryed all the things

you said to do.

93 As of tody I still have not recieved my rebate check.


Have you thought about why you never recieved it? Maybe it was you're terrible handwriting, or maybe you didn't follow the instructions.

There is a rebate tracker on their homepage, could have checked and see if it was even recieved. If they had, it would have told you when it was processed/sent out. If it had it is as simple as going to the desk by the registers. They cancel that rebate # and issue a instore credit thing.

I find it hard to believe that out of the millions of rebates the send out for each sale that they decided for whatever reason to just keep your's.

Don't blindly assume and go you're homework if its that important to you. People like you is what ruin things for the rest of us.


I guess I,ll find out tomorow won't I.

I,ll sure let everyone know, one way or the



You will lose


So that is there reason for not following

though on there own plan? Let some other

company handle the problem. Real good way to

take care of your customers! I should have

done business that way, when I owned my own.

What do you have to say to that?


Menards isn't in charge of the rebates. It's a whole different company that does rebates for many other stores than Menards.

It's really not our fault. Know that you're not mad at Menards, but you're mad at a whole different company.