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We came to the store tonight to purchase a fence for a backyard we asked couple employees to help us and everyone with you was just ignored us I called the manager and the scene and he came out and he just approach me and said nobody complained about us which I never called him for that I called him that we needed some help we literally loading the fence ourselves because nobody is helping us this place has zero customers service

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Location: Foley, Alabama

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Why should you get a price reduction. If you cannot afford what they charge do not get the fence.


What store were you in, as Menards doesn't have stores in Alabama?


Ballwin Mo


All big box home improvement stores are self load. How are you unloading the fence once you get home?


Self service store is another way of saying no service store. Next time have your wife and daughter go there in shorts and tank tops. They still won't get assistance, but at least staffing will ogle them from 20 feet away.


What a rambling load of B.S. Menards doesn't even have stores I'm Alabama.

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