Saint Peters, Missouri

Told salesman that I wanted a pvc vinyl fence with a metal support bar in bottom of each panel. I went to Menards because Lowe's did not offer this option on the floor.

We saw what we wanted a Menards. The salesman showed us the type with the support.

After we received the order it came to my attention that I forgot to install the metals supports in the panels and that was when I discovered that we did not receive the metals supports. The model we received does have a place for the metal support to be inserted but no support received

  • PVC Fencing
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I'm not sure what displays you were looking at, but NO vinyl fencing that Menards sales comes with a metal bottom support. If someone "told" you that the fencing comes with a support they were wrong.


Rather than rushing to post here did you take time to call the store? Several things may have happened.

1st, if the metal reinforcements were included with the price they may have been shipped in a separate package and are still at the store or the vendor possibly forgot to ship them.

The other possibility is it is an option that wasn't ordered and not paid for. The only way you are going to find out is to check with the store...not by posting here.


And? Whats exactly the issue?

Perhaps you had to purchase them separately which you never did. Just cause it has a place for it does not mean it comes with it.