Atlanta, Georgia

Chose item, clearly marked $12.99 sale rang up $14.88. I told checker no....

it wasn't $ he had someone go check, and they said item "next to it" was 12.99 and did I still want it....I said no, I wanted the one for $12.99 and went to look for myself. No where was there any price of $14.88 displayed....only $12.99...... Cashier was in a uncomfortable/bad spot, and the line had grown, so I took the *** item since I needed it in a few hours..... Menards needs to make sure sale items ring up the same as the price displayed at the shelf.

...this was not the first time either my contractor husband or I have had issues...and our trust is shaky....

By the way, it's ironic that your code of conduct says I can't use bad words, but your site is named "P***ed"???? ...hhmmmm....

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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Same story in Elkhart & South Bend Indana. I heard Wal-Mart was taken to court for that very thing in California


@ Nikalseyn the state of Wisconsin has the same pricing method. It has been in place much longer and is much better economically and better for the environment because it's less wasteful.

Pricing every individual item is horrible for companies in these hard economic times. The problem is many consumers are too *** to figure out what the price of the item really is.

Often what happens is some *** comes along picks up the item to look at it then puts it back in the wrong place and then *** number 2 comes along and goes oh this is a great price let's buy it. Instead what they should be doing is conforming it was in the correct spot to begin with.


Are you in Michigan? Sounds alot like the problem we now have here since the dufus governor and his cohorts changed the law to NOT require unit pricing on items.

Now the stores do not have to put a price tag on each item but supposedly have to have one displayed somewhere on the rack beneath or above it. However, stores are laughing at saving time and personnel by not having to put a price tag on things and then not even displaying a price anywhere! And, of course items get moved around, etc.

WalMart is well-known for flaunting the unit pricing law when they were required to do it and now just laugh at you when you ask where the price of an item it. Best to shop at Meijer or another store that at least tries to do the right thing.