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Buyer beware! Menards came back with their 11percent discount , but little did people know they raised the then current pricing up and has a discount off of the raised pricing in which , there is no discount .

Example doors I was looking at $543 last month now 617 with a 11 percent discount off 543 . Kinda putting it to customers arent ya?

User's recommendation: Buyer Beware of discount strategy.

Preferred solution: Give customers back what we deserve! Don’t raise price to offset discounts.

Menards Cons: Bad discount strategy.

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Over the 10 months I worked at menards in 2020 they slowly but surely were raising prices to offset the 11% "savings". It's very typical for retail stores to play games with prices just like furniture stores raise prices then have a 3 week President's day sale, or how car dealers give you a "special today only price" from their manager.

Be a smart consumer and know prices before opening your wallet. It's not always the " save big money " folks who have the lowest price.


Lame... So you quit in protest and gave the money you earned to charity?

What a loser.

What’s wrong, did they hurt your feelings so bad you created a post and then answered it? How weak, just quit and get another jib if it’s so terrible.

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