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I went to buy a screen tent. The sakes price was un front of screen tent for 79.99.

So I grabbed one. When I went to check out I got charged 124.00 fir the screen tent. I told the cashier that the sake price was 79.99. She told me to go to service desk.

I went and talked to manager about price. She told ne the tag was put in the wrong place. I stated back to her. I should get the sales price.

The manager stated no. Customer is always right. I dont feel I should if not paid 124.00 fir screen tent because Menards employee put sales sticker in wrong place. I shoukd have got sale price.

The manager talked to me on the ohone after I left. She watched video. The cashier lied to the manager. She tokd manager that she took me over to show me it was not on sale.

No I took her over where they where. She moved the the tag. Before the manager checked it out. I spend alot of money at Menards.

Looks like I will have to find another place to shop for my needs.

When The sales price is in front of the product you should get it for that price not my falt the stock person put sakes sticker in front if wrong product. Very unhappy with Menards.

Location: Hutchinson, Minnesota

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The customer is not always right. A store has the right to charge the correct price for an item.

I'll bet that if it rang up for less you wouldn't have said a thing.

Yes, one of their employees may have put the tag in place by mistake or even put the stock over the wrong tag. It is also possible that someone was looking at an item and put it back in the wrong spot and it's even been known for people to switch tags.

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