bought pressure washer, me and mother put it together, added oil and gas. Pull start wouldn't come out at all.

back to menards within one hour, 40 minutes of that driving. had pressure washer 20 minutes. menards manager said i never added oil thats why, then he opened lid with brand new oil still in it that came in a bottle hanging from handle when i bought it. then he proceeded to take it apart and work on the pull start.

eventually i had to take it to repair guys for 3 weeks only to be told it was run without oil and is toast.

then menards sent me a letter stating that since i didn't add oil i would not be reimbursed. i did add oil to it, and i never even got to start it, unreal experience, never shop their again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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Well you have been officially menarded! Hope you learned your lesson, don't shop menards if you are expecting any kind of service, it doesn't exist. Menards is specifically designed for Obama supporters anyway, the mindless " who cares anyway" people.


Hello fake heartless, you're an ID0IT.

Clearly he did not add oil and caused the defect in the Machine.