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October 6,13 I purchased two woven swivel gliders with a matching coffee table from Menards Port Huron location. I asked the sales associate if I could obtain a pick up slip since I had my sedan with me and not the truck.

I said that I would pick it up Thursday October 10th at the latest. I was told this would not be a problem and that my order would be available since they would take it off the shelf and mark a hold on it. Thursday October 10th I made a trip across the bluewater bridge, paid my bridge toll and drove to Menards with the intent on picking up my patio furniture. Upon arrival I was told that the purchase was not taken and placed into the pickup area so it would be a few minutes before it could be retrieved.

The associate returned with only the table and informed me that only the floor models were available and they had sold out of the gliders. I told him that I had already paid my purchase and I paid to have new items and not floor models. He called Ken the manager who offered to take $20 off each glider so it would work out to be a $40 store credit since they would be selling me the gliders at cost. I refused to believe that there was only a $20 markup on the item.

I asked to see the floor models and made my way from pickup to the seasonal department to examine the gliders. The floor model gliders had some damage on them and I told the associate that they would have to do better than $20 off each gliders. I asked for $100 off for the pair and was told that I was already getting them at cost. The seasonal clearance on these meant that it was final sale and they were already reduced so they could only give me $40 off for the set.

I asked the associate what my options were. I was told I could take the offer or just pick up the table that was in the box. I told the associate that they would have to do better than that and I was told that was a final offer. I told him that I was here in Port Huron for this reason only to pick up my merchandise and I was not happy with the offer.

I said that I was just going to get a refund on the $400 purchase plus taxes and made my way to the customer service desk. At the desk I explained to the desk what had happened stating I would not be back to shop at Menards ever again. She asked if I would like to talk to the manager and she called Ken over for me. I explained to Ken my issue that I paid for an new item that was available and they sold it to someone else after I was told it would be there for me to pick up.

I explained to Ken that my receipt was a sales contract to purchase a specific product and now they sold my product to someone else. I asked why they offer pick ups if they just turn around and sell your purchase to someone that just walks in off the street. My receipt is a contract with the store to buy a specific product and they could not honor it. Ken and I went over to examine the damage on the floor models and he then offered $35 off per glider.

That would be $70 off in store credit for the pair. My options were to get a full refund or to take the store credit. They would not offer me $70 off cash but it would have to be store credit however they were willing to reimburse the cost in cash. When I asked why I could not get cash discount but they were willing to reimburse cash I was told that once I pickup a clearance item they could only do store credits unless I wanted a refund.

I was not happy about that. As a caveat to others your pick up receipt is no gaurantee that what you purchase will be available. Since my product was end of season clearance they were limited to available stock and could not order it for me.

Very unscrupulous sales tactics. Beware!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Sales Manager.

Monetary Loss: $330.

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What ever you expect to get with this complaint I do not know, however Heartless, LTCC, and also one as posted as anonymous are all Menards employees. Losers.


Shop somewhere else and make "Heartless" happy. He wants less work for the money he earns.


Nothing can be done for you in this situation. You telling them to DO BETTER because you do not believe them is idi0tic.

You were told the truth about cost, you just did not want to listen. In order to get good service you need to be a good customer. You were treated very well you had all sorts of options, but you REFUSED THEM ALL CAUSE OF YOUR ENTITLEMENT ISSUE.

You should FEEL FORTUNATE YOU didn't have to put it together, that in it's self is a discount. I've had countless people RAGE AT ME I WANT THE FLOOR MODEL BECAUSE I CAN'T PUT IT TOGETHER. Which Menards does not do unless it's the very last one.

It's funny people will rage cause it's not in a box and they will rage because they have to put it together. Retail workers can't win. They get paid barely anything while people like John Menards has a net worth of 5+ billion dollars..... And they have to deal with people like you!

ONE FINAL THOUGHT IF YOU PLAN TO MAKE A LARGE PURCHASE BRING THE VEHICLE YOU NEED WITH YOU! But hey that wasn't your fault was it? It was Menards right?


Did you read your "sales contract" from the store? The bottom explains there is no gaurantee that your product will be there if you don't pick up on the same day.

Too many things can happen.


"Very unscrupulous sales tactics" or just a complete screw up on the part of sales staff. I am not a menard's lover.....but it does seem in this instance the manager atleast tried to work with you.

I have heard of other horror stories much worse than this. I am not a big fan of their in store credit BS as well......you always have the option of shopping else where.....