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First of all no blacks work there! Second, i have a Menards Charge card.

Yes i am African American! I go shopping for vinyl flooring, but as i am in there i see another screen door that i liked better than the one i bought, which i hadn't picked up from the store. So i was told by the employer that was helping me to go to the front desk and have the Customer Service people to look up my ticket. This manager, Jason Fuller.

told me he couldn't look up the ticket and if i was to return it without a ticket i wouldn't get what i paid for if the door was marked back down. I am pissed because the next day i went to another Menards and i asked Customer Service if they could look up my ticket if i didn't have the receipt with me and they said they could. This manager was really being a *** head and has no ethics in Customer Service. I work for a prominent Company and our Customers are our number one priority.

I will never go back to that store, but this manager needs some training in how to be courteous and not prejudice to his customers.

I had over $300.00 of vinyl flooring i was going to purchase, i put it back because i be *** if i buy something from a store where they have bad customer service. He needs to go to the other Menards on 42nd Post Rd and work with them and learn how to treat people like people and not color.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Well as somebody reading this and not involved in the situation at all, you've failed to mention where your race played a decisive factor in not getting your issue resolved. Also there are plenty of other ethnicities that work there i just think your trip there was straight to the point to get what you needed. I only ever shop at this menards and have seen several myself.


Hi. First, I would like to apologize for your experience.

I am an employee at the Southside store. Unfortunately, our corporate office hasn't given us the ability to look up tickets between stores. He should, however, have been able to help you look up your receipt if your card was present.

Secondly, of the three Menards I have worked at, this store has by far the most African American employees.

To be honest, most of them only work evenings because they have other jobs or are in school. I have not personally seen any discrimination amongst management/employees.

I would be grateful for another opportunity to show you that our store is staffed by open-minded and well-educated employees. Thank you.


Perhaps no African Americans have applied to work there. Having a Menards credit card means nothing, it's owned and operated by a specific bank.

Retailers just offer it for another way to get sales, any interest on the card goes to the bank. It's very possible based on your story and yes it's a 1 sided story at that, that the manager misunderstood what you wanted. The only prejudiced I see is YOU. You think the world is out to get you because you're colored brown or black however you want to see it.

The media does a great job of fueling this idea.

99% of the people you come across wouldn't even care if you were purple or green. Have a nice day!


Sounds like you are shopping in different stores. What store did you purchase the door at?

The only store that can look up an open invoice is the store you purchased it at. If you didn't buy it at the first store it was correct that he couldn't look it up.

My guess is that you purchased the door at the second store you asked. In any case, regardless of the color of your skin you will get the best service if YOU hang on to your receipts rather than expecting stores to look them up for you.