Bismarck, North Dakota

I went into your bismarck office and paid for some metal trim for my steel building. when I went to the yard the employee informed me that your inventory was off and i could only pick up 6 pcs out of the 18 I paid for. the next truck was to be in the first part of this week and that i would receive a phone call when my order was here. today 8-8-13 i called the menards bismarck store and was informed that the truck came in tuesday 8-6-13 and now there were only 5 pcs left from this truck that I could pick up. apparently the store sold my inventory to someone else and did not call me as promissed.

today I also talked to Eric, the manager of the store and was told that they would not hold the inventory for me even if I were to pick it up in just a few hours today. they also could not guarantee that someone was not out there right now loading it for themselves so it may not be there when I get there.

I explained to eric that I had already pre paid for my product last week. did not receive a phone call the truck was here and he sold my stuff to some one else. Eric explained that it was to bad but he could not guarentee me my product. I have a crew on hold waiting for this and now understand there is another week or more before I can have a first come first serve change at getting the rest of what I need to finish my steel building. which incidently I spent over $13,000 for at your bismarck store.

this is the most *** poor customer service I have ever heard. I may not ever get my products if I dont camp at the store doors. I can wait another week for these pieces but without them I cant finish my building.

I suggested to show in your computer at the store no more inventory so they dont sell them again and even if I never picked them up that Menards has my money already and you could throw it in the trash and it wouldnt matter. Eric stated he understood but still couldnt guarantee me my material.

I am so upset with this customer service. your are very hard to work with when you treat customers like this. its no wonder people say they will never shop there again. now I understand.

I want my parts and I want them NOW. now in a week. can yo u help????????????

Jeff Crawford

1523 W. Blossom Dr.

Menoken, ND 58558

701-400-5568 Cell

701-255-9068 Home and Fax

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I'm surprised they didn't offer to special order the stock item which would then come in with your name and Purchase order on it and would be seperated from stock. No offer of this was made?


Welcome to the poor service Capitol of home improvement! Are you glad you choose to deal with incompetence?

the store in anderson Indiana does the exact same kind of thing, they want you to wait until the next truck comes in, what a joke. I hope the contractor dept is more competent out your way than it is in anderson.

I have decided to take my business elsewhere, they don't know what customer service means. *** luck dealing with brain dead people.


The store should not be doing pre-paids for items that are out of stock to being with in the first place. It's against store policy and something only managers do when they have a h0the@d customer who won't listen.

They also say when you pre-pay for an item that is out of stock that they cannot guarantee you the item when it comes in, which obviously you did not listen to. If you pre-pay something that is already at the store, then that is suppose to be placed into the special order pick up bay for when you come back to pick it up, this is much different than pre-paying an out of stock item. You want your item guaranteed, then SPECIAL ORDER IT!

You think Menards is out of line, then return your pre-paid and go somewhere else! Don't come online and rage about something that don't fully understand.


Heartless, when it comes to Bismarck and Minot they do not follow the same policies as stores elsewhere. Pre-paids are not pulled ahead of time unless the guest buys the product online and are charged the 1.40 'processing fee.' Don't believe me that these two stores are ran differently than the rest of the company?

Call Minot, note the name of the person who helped you, call Bismarck and ask for that same person. You will get the same person twice, trust me, these two stores treat guests very poorly.


Every piece of metal trim we stock we can also "special order". It is the same price as the stock stuff.

The difference is that it comes in with your name and your name only, so it will not go to the shelves like the regular stock (even though it is the exact same).

Kindly ask a manager to special order your trim and e-mail the steel plant to put a rush on it, and it will be there hopefully in a week or less. This way you don't have to "camp out" and you will get an automatic e-mail the second they receive in the truck.

@Store Manager

Employees and managers should be aware of this and inform customers and do just that . .

. special order. I have had similar experiences with Menards in Ohio. While I understand that some things are beyond your control, good customer service and employee training is well within your reach.

I still shop at Menards because in the end Menards has corrected every problem that they were in control of. People are human and to err is human, however eventually the cost of errors will outweigh the remedies and I will get tired of the errors.