Rockford, Illinois
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I went to Menards on W 38th Indianapolis,In I had put two bags of top soil in my cart as I was going to check out my cart got caught on the ruts in the pavement as I was trying to pull it out the cart came over and hit my arm I went up and told the clerk what had happened and he put the cart up I went and filed an accident report store manager said someone would notify me that was a week ago and I havent heard a word I still have the bruise on arm also the clerk put the top soil in my car for me and his comment was I told them a week ago that the holes in the pavement needed to be repaired and all the manager did was look at him with no comment so if your shopping for flowers at menards on 38th st. be careful of the pot holes................

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HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! i *** hate menards and all other change companies like it, and

i still feel like you are the biggest retard ever!

Even after 2 in a half years!!! You *** F**K!!!!


Fix the potholes? That would cut into our IPS!!!


Drive around the obstacle. Learn Punctuation.

Let it go. Be responsible.


i guess it's downright impossible to steer your cart around the pothole, huh? were you dropped on your head as a child?

still wear diapers?

yeah, you probably do. :roll


I would agree that all retailers should get better at fixing their pavement, but what kind of cart were you using that could jump up and hit your arm? Im gonna guess that the insurance company is too busy laughing about the claim to get a hold of you.

Besides, I doubt they will get a hold of you if all you have is a bruise.

Can we get clarification as to what the clerk did, I dont know what it means for a clerk to put the cart up. I love how this complaint uses all the periods at the end of the complaint instead of in the complaint where they belong.