Minneapolis, Minnesota

I am a 70 year old woman who made two trips to the new Golden Valley, MN store for mulch. The first trip was to get 20 bags and the second was to get 25.

I got my order, paid, drove to the yard and was told they called for someone to help me load. Well, on the first trip there were two young, strapping young men helping one customer, I waited, ask for help loading, one finally came after 15 minutes. In the mean time I had started loading myself. One helped with SEVEN of the twenty bags and said he would have the next 25 on a cart for me when I came back for the rest.

Guess what, I returned and there was no one and no cart loaded and ready for me. I asked another young person if he would load the next 25 bags while I paid and drove around to get it. Again guess what, I got there and nothing had been done, but he was strapping a small bandaid and said he had a sore. So we started to load my 25 bags.

Another couple came and he left me to my loading while he talked with them re: mulch. Clearly didn't want to work too hard. Menawhile I did ALL OF THE LOADING AND UNLOADING into my car MYSELF while he talkked with the coupld that had drawn him away. He came as I was putting the last of the bags into my car.

TERRIBLE!!!! I had hoped with this beautiful new store that the service would be helpful. I say that all THREE OF THESE YOUNG GUYS ARE LAZY and that they need customrer service training. Remember a 70 year old woman would have appreciated some service at a higher level and I am a good tipper.

Golden Valley this is not good. We also shop that Menards in St. Croix Falls, WI for our cabin needds and we have nothing but good to say about those folks.

They have helped us EVERY single time we have needed a bit of help. GOLDEN VALLEY WAKE UP train your people.

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katie, next time you're working, take a walk out in the yard...let me know how many "SELF-SERVICE YARD" signs you see!


Self Service Yard-

If you attempt FULL SERVICE you will fail.

Ask Gaylen Heckman his opinion on this


@ Heartless....I work at Menards and guest service is our number one priority. The store is NOT SELF SERVICE and it is our job to load the guest's cart with mulch or whatever else they want!


Menards is considered a self service store and outside yard. However the number one priority is to service the guest.

So Katie and Heartless you both are somewhat correct in both of your comments.

However, both of you have two different point of views. Menards #1 Priority is to service our guests but they are considered a self service store/Outside Yard.


Don't care that you're 70, that's no excuse to expect others to do things for you. Menards yard is "SELF SERVICE." If they did not explain that to you well then there's the problem.

I highly doubt anyone just ignored you.

You got it loaded just fine, yet you complain cause you had to do a little work. SHAME ON YOU.


She is a 70 year old woman.. “shame on you”...

are you kidding? You must have been trolling.

If you think its okay to let an elderly person male or female load 45 bags of mulch by themselves then theres the issue.. its you.


Menards Team Members are not allowed to accept tips. Also, if you wish something to be done about this, you should go to the Front Desk in the Golden Valley store and ask to speak with the General Manager. Explain to him your situation in detail and he will most likely reprimand the Outside Yard Team Members responsible as well as come up with a solution to remedy the issue with you.


I am so sorry you receive poor service at my store. I want to let you know this will not go unnoticed and I will talk with everyone of my carry out. I extremely apologize and hope you return and you will receive the bet customer service.