Anderson, Indiana

Ordered 10 squares aluminum siding, salesman at desk told me OK on smooth. Guess what, he ordered textured and I signed the ticket.

I should have caught the order but I paid and waited for the special order to arrive, now I am stuck with *** looking textured aluminum siding, no service! Don't think these guys at the contractor desk know what they are talking about because they don't. Keith Clevenger, store manager is zero when it comes to taking care of customers.

Don't ever buy exterior doors made by mastercraft from there either, these doors might be inexpensive but without a storm door they will leak! better off going to Carter Lumber or Lowes, stay away from MENARDS.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

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Hey, I had a similar experience with Clevenger. What an arrogant person!

Cannot believe he is running the store in Anderson. I have purchased thousands of dollars from that store and only to be treated like a low life. I am convinced Clevenger is in it for the bonus. His eye is on the dollar bill.

I have also heard from employees about the way he treats them.

I will not buy from that store again, and I will warn as many as I can to not shop there. Lowes is just a few miles north, and the service there is great!


I worked with Keith 11 years ago before Anderson opened up. He's a great GM. I don't know enough to say you're wrong, but I can assure you Keith is really good and would take care of the problem if Menards was wrong.

@Good GM

Your way off here about Keith, I don't know what you have been smoking or the cool aid you have been drinking but Keith is not interested in making fair decisions he is only looking to make that extra on his paycheck at the end of the year, can you say bonus!

@X Menards employee

I've dealt with Keith for over a decade. Keith has always been fair, & goes out of his way to keep his customers happy.

Yes, you should have read the contract before signing.

It's that simple.


It's your job as the consumer to notice any possible error with the order and correct it before it's to late. Lowes has double the complaints on here as Menards not exactly the best example.


There is a reason they put the orders on paper and have you sign for them. It gives you a chance to review the order and make sure the salesperson understood and ordered what you wanted.

Even if you end up with something you didn't want they take it back with a 25% restock charge, letting you only take 25% of the responsibility for not looking at the order you signed. Are you that generous with your customers when they sign a contract and say that's not what they wanted when you get ready to install it?


I talked with this *** manager. He straight out told me he would not take it back even on this 25 percent restocking.

After the sale is made, that a it!

my mistake by not looking at the order from the other *** at the contractor desk. by the way I do take care of my customers, unlike you and your *** manager friend.