Swayzee, Indiana

After being at work all day, my husband went to Menards in response to reminder cards saying our deck materials were in. He spent 3 hours at the store waiting for someone who knew anything about the order to help him.

The manager knew nothing about this order and brought out half of it at the end of the evening. He went back the next day after work to get the rest and has now spent almost 2 hours facing the same incompetence and rudeness, especially from the manager.

Many of the boards were split and some were not even cut the ordered length, which added to the wait time. Probably just became a Lowe's fan.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I *** your husband in Building Materials. Twice.


go ahead try lowe's, their the worse hardwarestore ever!!!! nobody in any

of their stores has a clue what they are doing. And the managers are usually lost.


This is a ludicrous story. You don't need to "wait for someone that knows anything about the order".

All you need to do is give anybody your phone number you placed the order under and they can pull up your order on the computer.

The suggestion that it would take anyone 3 hours to do that is insane. Give me a break.


because actually walking up to the building materials desk and *GASP* asking somebody for assistance is just too much to handle, right? i bet you stood right in the middle of the store, expecting an associate to ask you if you needed anything.

in a big box store, YOU need to take the initiative.

now that i think about it, that whole strip bar thing that YIWT suggested is making a lot of sense. :p


So your husband is stoopid enough to stand around for 5 hours. What a ***.

Tell him to grow a pair and start knocking some heads. They were just having fun with him. How the heck does a person wait 5 hours for anything??

Especially wood! (He said wood)


I met your husband at the store. He told me an awesome story about the nudie bar he just came from. I think he didn't want to tell you about all the time he spends with the hot strippers because you are so frigid and anal, and figured he could blame his tardiness and empty bank account on Menards.