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Picking up play sand and mulch from Cleveland Ohio Brookpark road store. Waited 6 hours from order time to when I received the email to pick up at yard.

Scanned bar code from my phone to access yard and no one there to direct. Finally saw a sign pointing to order pickup. Went to order pick up and waited at desk with no greeting from one person behind the desk all the while ignoring me and another 7 people constantly running around me. According to the board hanging up there 8 people on duty and not one said anything for 10 minutes while I and another customer behind me waited.

Then I was told that my items were self load and the employee pointed where they generally were. I spent 15 minutes walking the yard in 30 degree temperature until finally stopping a forklift driver to get the location of my mulch. With the traffic pylons I could only get within 20 feet of the pallets of mulch to load. In the 6 hours I waited to have my order processed it could have been loaded on a pallet and when I showed up the pallet could have been brought right to the back of my truck and raised up to prevent lifting injuries and a employee helped with loading.

I recall a store called DIY that was around that I hated because they put the definition to DO IT YOURSELF. It looks to me that MINARDS is in that practice also. When a customer comes for a pick up he should be greeted immediately and then assigned an employee to stay with them and complete their order.

It really doesnt take much for good service but employees need to have a documented system in place and enforced to accomplish this. If you need an area manager to do this give me a call.

User's recommendation: Ask if there will be help when ordering.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Pick Up Service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Menards Pros: Good price.

Menards Cons: Rebates, Lack of customer service, No help loading anything outside.

Location: 7700 Brookpark Rd, Brooklyn, OH 44129

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Menards is a self service store, as posted on their signs above their customer service center, above their garden center, and beside their Building Materials Area wall. As well as along many signs throughout the store telling people to put things on their cart and go through the store with them.

Since you said you purchased your items on-line, for bulky items, or yard items, there are people who can assist you as to where the items are, but Menards does encourage a consumer to load the items themselves as indicated by the prompts from the website ordering page that says “You Pull” meaning you pull the item, or “We pull” which means Menards Team members pull the item. All item in the outside warehouses or yard are all “You Pull”, but there are workers who can help if needed. Pulling your own items helps keep prices down, helps speed up the flow of traffic in and out of the Warehouse Area, helps allow workers to get their jobs done, which is maintaining the lumber area, mulch area, and block area, and gives you the power to pick out which items you want.

This allows people the choice of which boards they want to use for their projects, sorting through the bags of mulch so they don’t get a torn bag, picking out the wall blocks that have a little more red in them than brown, and sorting through cinder block pallets just to get the corner blocks off the pallet. Menards offers consumers choice, cheap prices, while doing their best to help when needed, while trying to do their jobs as well.


Home Depot always pulls orders for. Me. Not sure what works you live in


Menards. Lowes and Home Depot are all self load.

Thats why they have carts for lumber and flat carts for garden area. (mulch, etc) you can open your own yard and pay for that greeter and another employee to assist in your perfect world.

Stop projecting your failings on other businesses and go shop in the fantasy world that exists in your head. How dare you be demanding on someone else's business.




Home depot and lowes help their customers work as many employees as necessary load a purchase with man power and fork lifts if needed. Menards is greedy and highly unethical in all of their business practices especially their ongoing scam rebate program that makes prices appear lower than they actually are.


How embarrassing for you that you ordered online from a big box retailer and expected five star service. No real man would ever do this.

They would go and load up and wait in line to pay. They would take a buddy or neighbor to help and buy them lunch.


I hated DIY because of their commercial song. They did not last long here ; I went one time only to be greeted at the door by Guy-1, again at the aisle entrance Guy-2, again in between departments Guy-3 and in the aisle Guy-4 only to arrive at one single open register with 7 customers standing there waiting to check out and one unhappy teenage girl cashier with the red light flashing. As I left my cart where it sat and exited the store, I was greeted yet again with a cheery Guy-5 "find everything you were looking for?"..."Everything except a cashier"..."Thanks, come again"...."Say what?"


It used to be that they would open more registers if there were more than 2 people in line. They don't care if you have to wait anymore. Unless its lumber or something too large to ship Amazon saves the frustration of waiting in line at Menards.


I have picked up 12 - 40 lb bags of water softener salt and 20 bags of mulch. Each time I was met by a yard person who completely loaded the order into my truck.

(Once a young man and once by a young woman.) I explained to the yard person that I would help but I had a bad back. "No problem" was the reply. After my truck was loaded I thanked the yard person and got the same "No problem" reply. The secret to getting great service is that I ask the gate guard to have a yard person meet me at the pickup spot to load my order, and within minutes someone is there to assist me.

The Germantown WI Menards has great service. You can probably get better service too if you ask for it.

In case your wondering who unloads the truck for me, my wife does. I married a wonderful woman.


So you expect to have 100's of people standing next to each customer at a SELF SERVICE YARD!!!! Lol if you are not capable of shopping by yourself then hire a personal shopper or don't shop.

You also can't read.

It clearly states SELF SERVICE!#!!! Lol so stupid.


"Self service" is just another way of saying "no service". Of all the times I been to multiple menards locations over the years I have seen countless examples of customers walking around clearly looking lost while forklift drivers zoom past them multiple times at the speed of light.

Or elderly customers struggle to lift a pallet worth of heavy bags into the back of a pick up truck while 3 menards employees loiter leaning against the lumber building talking, spiting on the ground, playing pocket pool and laughing at the customer struggle. Or on 95 degree day a customer who needs a pallet of stock brought down from the overhead bay since the regular stock was depleted days ago with no one in the yard but again 5 employees leaning against the wall talking inside the receiving area with the cardboard baler and semi docks. Or just a few months ago I observed a disabled man with a cane struggle to walk across the icy yard lot trying to find insulation that are now outside, as he's walking there is menards staff hiding around a corner throwing snowballs at him, every time he got hit in the back he turned around looking confused and they busted out laughing. I got a video of the "clowns" in action and they ran off calling me a "snitch".

I as a customer volunteered assisted the man walking on the ice and to find what he was looking for. After that I spoke to someone identified as a "general manager" per his name tag. I explained what happened and attempted to show him the video.

Right after a snowball though via menards staff his the man in his back the general manager states the video is irrelevant since he did not observe in person, and stated " I will see what I can do" then walks away before I can reply. I showed the video to contractors I see in person on a weekly basis and they described the behavior as "disgusting, unprofessional, but unfortunately very typical"


I love snowballs ; they are all that make winter bearable.


It is not that he cannot read. It is he thinks he is special.


What do you expect when you make a purchase at a discount big box self service store? If you want full service buck up and pay the price a full service yard charges and shop there.


That's right. They want the lowest price and the best service, now. We had a sign on our wall at the machine shop : "Do you want your order...GOOD...QUICK...CHEAP...Pick ONE.

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