Joliet, Illinois
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Absolutely terrible customer service the last 3 times I was there. If its not a rude associate its a rude cashier, but to me the worst is when the dept. manager in Millwork his name was Dave I don't know what his last name is, a tall man with glasses, was so rude and offensive that I wished I took my business elsewhere. 2 weeks prior to this I ordered a Larsen front door glass insert at the Joliet, Menards. I called them and was told to get the Larsen code off the inside ledge of the door, which I did. I brought the glass frame with me and gave them the code. They said great and printed up a receipt with the dimensions of the door. I then asked if they would want to take a measurement on the frame that I brought in, I was told it was not necessary to do that. When the glass pane came it was too narrow. Now I take it back store and I get to meet Dave, the Mgr for Millwork for that day. Because we don't know what else Dave does in the store. Lets cut to the chase" Dave don't make your customers feel ***, this your business if you can't handle it then do something else. However I don't know if you can do something else, but you are quite inadequate to handle this job. There is a sign in the back pickup areas that says "you are never to busy to listen to your customers. I will take my business elsewhere from now on. I have Home Depot in town. This will posted on other Web sites. This incident happened on 2/28/15 between 11am and noon.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Teach your people about service to a customer, but you never will so I'll take my money to Home Depot.

Menards Pros: Generally favorable shopping, Prices, Service.

Menards Cons: Poor customer service, Rude manager.

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Cashiers would be considered an associate of Menards, I believe this to be a very clear sign that you lack intellect. You do a very poor job describing the issue at hand.

You said vague words such as rude, but how are they being rude? Perhaps they're coming off as rude because you're not listen well or comprehending what they have to say. Perhaps you're coming off as rude and they're feeding of that behavior you exhibit. Finally Home Depot is no better, they pay similar wages, have similar hiring procedures and have just as many reviews like this that Menards does.

You will find that if you become and better consumer the customer service representatives that try and help you will also become better. If you don't know something don't aspect them to know it. Educate yourself on the store policies. Understand they're working long hours for little pay dealing with difficult people who just toss out the receipt and owners manual.

These people take zero personal responsibility and blame everyone but themselves.

Be a better consumer and you will see better service, I PROMISE.