Toledo, Ohio

Have been recently shopping for a specific style of interior pre-hung glass door. Had a quote run for the door by an employee of the store and was given a print-out of the estimate for the door.

As all Mastercraft special order interior pre-hung doors are on sale this week, we returned to the store to order the door, but we forgot our print out. Described the door to the older grey haired man on duty in the door dept. and were told that we couldn't order that door because Mastercraft did not make it. Explained to him that we knew they did because we had a quote for it, but had simply forgot the print out.

Also showed him the door in a catalogue from a holder at the desk. Was told by this "gentleman", in a very rude and condescending manner, that he didn't know what to tell us, but it wasn't on the computer, so Mastercraft did not make that door. As we have not been able to find the specific door elsewhere, we left the store, drove 30 miles north back home and retrieved the print out and returned to the store. We then ordered the door from the young lady now on duty in the door department.

She apologized for our trouble, and said that sometimes her manager could be a little "forgetful".

Please make sure your people are trained properly before making them managers, and teach them some common courtesy. We love Menards, and will continue to shop there, but we will never deal with this individual again because of his bad attitude and lack of knowledge in the area he is supposed to be responsible for.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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mastercraft makes a inferior door. I realize they are cheap, but there is a reason for the cheap price, I got the run around for a leaking door for 90 days.

I finally told store manager I was done and would be returning the door, he hesitated until he understood I was serious. Got an in store credit, Isn't that wonderful?

management is about as cheap as the mastercraft doors they sell. Don't buy mastercraft unless you want more problems in your life.


You want Menards Mangers trained properly? Menards manger trainee program is a joke.

The GM and HR get kick backs for every manager who completes the program. The last 3 who completed at my store knows nothing about the products. All that is required of them is to have a 4 year degree in anything. Then they do two weeks in each department doing computer work.

They finally arrive in the Hardware department and stay there until promoted to manager else where. You would think they would know a thing or two by the time they get to my department, but they KNOW NOTHING. All 3 have promoted almost instantly to managers at other stores. Not one knows a thing about the products.

All they are trained on is store rules.

Menards wants it this way. They are easier to control and take advantage of.