Harrisburg, South Dakota

Today i ordered 8 gallons of paint along with $350.00 in other products. THE *** WORKING IN THE PAINT DEPT.took a gallon of paint out of the shaker and found that it was leaking down the side of the can.

His first action was to clean his shirt. Then he took paper towels and started cleaning the can. An other employee in the paint dept saw that i was not too happy. She came over and helped the *** clean the can.

At no time did they say anything to me or open the lid to see if the can was ok or would still leak. When they were done they did not ask me if it was ok. They just reached over and set the can in my cart and turned around and went to the back. I went to the service counter and asked for someone in charge.

After i explained what happened i recieved the customary brush-off, better known as :I'M SORRY'. After years of doing business with this outfit building a new hpme, remodeling a house and 4 apartments and 2 commercial units, your "I'M SORRY'' just does not cut it.

Monetary Loss: $23.

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You are just one of those obnoxious customers that customer service people can not stand. I do not think you deserve even "I am sorry” comment, but the manager had to say it because it is his job. I feel bad for the paint person and for the guy who had to tell you “I am sorry”


Please sir, Shut the *** up.


I'm not sure what the problem was. Please help me see your side of view.

You're paying for whats in the can....was it not good inside? Was it leaking and caused you a problem inside the can?

I know the cans open up pretty often.....but usually we just fix it. What exactly was the issue so we can fix it?


What would have you done?


What's the big deal? Did it leak all of your car?

Did you only get half a gallon? wtf?