This complaint is about Criterion, which only Menards handles, not directly about Menards. I bought a Criterion chest freezer at Menards.

When they loaded it, I noticed damage to the lower back corner of the box and through to the freezer. I was offered a discount if I took it with the damaged corner, which I agreed to. When I unpacked it at home, I found what looked like 3" by 7" sandpaper rub marks on the front of the freezer, where someone tried to fix a paint flaw. The box was unopened and undamaged other than the lower back corner.

The front paint damage had to be a factory flaw. Menards offered to replace it, but wouldn't offer any more of a discount once the item has left the store. I would have had to drive another 90 plus miles round trip, plus the cost, at my expense, of another truck rental (about $50) to return it. I told them I could probably buff it out with some car rubbing/polishing compound ($9.99), which is my cheapest solution.

Criterion was of no help, they suggested I return it, again at my expense and time. Menards did what they could for me. I could have bought an Amana locally for what it would cost to return this freezer and get a replacement.

Criterion lacks quality control, which I ended up having to pay for. replac

User's recommendation: If you buy a Criterion product, check it over carefully before you leave the store.

Location: Henning, Minnesota

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LOL...Now you KNOW how you "save big money" at Menards... Pay the price for REAL quality and you won't have these problems.


Criterion appliances are private label products made by various manufacturers to Menards specifications. If this is the quality that Menards accepts, why shouldn't your complaint be about Menards?

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