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I was in the plumbling department at Menards in Rice Lake. As I heared one girl telling another one that was just starting work that she gets the whole plumbling department to do.

As I walked by the cleaning supplies I could see what a mess that area was couldn't reach anything on the shelf, clothing was a mess and there was no one around to help you as the employees were either just standing around and talking. I did see the girl that had started her shift go of to the fans and start working.

I think the managers in that department should be making sure that all employees are doing their job and not just walking around or standing around talking. If you want to have good sales in a store I think it should look clean and face don't put it all on one person to do.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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I dont clean. I also don't go to buy cleaning supplies and complain about it not being clean.

dont be so clean, and things wont seem so dirty.

cleaning is a dirty a job. did your cleaning lady ever find the products she was looking for to clean her dirty clothes from cleaning your home with the cleaning products bought from a a dirty arranged aisle?


I personally work at that store, not in plumbing though. And yea maybe the manager should have been telling someone to face that cleaners and whatnot, but you know, we don't always have time to face everything 24/7 during the day.

Yea, sometimes its messy but you'll find that in any store. And I'm pretty sure you could reach "some" stuff on the shelf, not all of them are THAT high in the air. We usually don't get time to face stuff until 8 or 9 at night as we're helping guests during the day. And sometimes departments are just short on people vs.

the number of guests needing help. Sheesh.


See that *** everyday.. It's so pathetic! Hope you get out of there!


You're right most Menards stores normally have poor leadership. I will not disagree with you there.