Anderson, Indiana

remodeled my kitchen in 2003...they measured area wrong...plumber then plumed wrong and Had to redo at my cost. Menards would not make it right.

Cabinet base came in broken..had to wait to reorder, unbreakable sink (200.00) came out of the box cracked...had to drive all the way back and replace, while workers waited. the whole thing was a big one legged butt kickin' contest...and I lost, I will never do a big remodel from there again. I talked to the managers, home help. I could not believe it.

I don't have a lot of money and had to save for a long time to have this done...the service and quality was very disappointing.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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No kidding, Menards is cheap everything including customer service! Store manager is bad news when it comes to dealing with paying customers. This store manager would do better working for obama


My Columbia CD club sent me a CD I didn't order- and Menards wont make it right even though I bought my batteries for my CD player there- CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!


Menards does not measure anything, your contractor does that. Menards does have business cards for contractors that shop there and would like the business Menards brings to them.

If at any time that contractor is given a bad review they are taken out of the display of business card.

So it is in the contractors best interest to do a great job for you so in return they are given a good reliable name so they can continue putting food on their familys table. So before you blame a business you need to use your own head and educate yourself in what you are trying to remodel.


I will say it again too. What does Menards have to do with the incorrect measurements and the poor plumbing? Where is your head?


Listen dumb xxx menards does measure and yes they do mess up orders all the time because they cant use a tape measure and thats a fact.


Menards doesn't measure. That wasn't our fault.

Menards doesn't install plumbing. (And you shouldn't have to pay for the mistakes of your plumber- in fact, your tradesmen should review the construction docs and notify you of any discrepancies before demo begins.) That wasn't our fault. I'm sorry that your cabinet was broken, but stuff like this happens sometimes. If you don't have a full crew of tradesmen, a camera crew, and a loud-mouthed host running your remodelling project, than you have to prepare for the eventuality that something is going to go wrong during the course of a major rehab.

It sounds like you had a bunch of things all pile up right at the install end of your job. I hate hearing about jobs that go bad like this. I admit that the damaged materials did not help the situation, but your problems also stem from plannning and trades issues. I highly recommend doing your homework before jumping into a big project, and this is where your contractor and menards come into play.

Your reaction leads me to believe that you could have been more informed by the people you gave your money to. Hope this is a learning experience for you and that you get the courage to try the HI game again.


Who measured wrong? Menards doesn't come out and measure and they don't have plumbers or anyone else to install products.

You bought a cabinet from them, unfortunately they don't manufacture them. If they received it damaged they can't preform a magic trick and make it right.

They did what they had to and re-oredered it for you. Quit your *** and get over it.