Elm Grove, Wisconsin

Over the weekend I was at my local menards store buying household remoding items to take advantage of their 11% mail in rebate program. Everything was going fine until I was looking at the halloween display items.

I Selected a figurine of a "haunted village" which was motorized with annoying sound effects. I asked a male employee at the hardware area desk for advice. He seemed annoyed to help me possibly since it appeared I disturbed his social discusion with 3 female co workers about weekend plans. I asked him if they had the specific display decoration I wanted in a box.

He does a quick look at the shelf says "no" and tries to quickly zoom away until I say "sir" then ask if he could verify if other menards store still stock it and hes says you will need to take the stock number and call the stores yourself. I then ask if the display item is for sale and he says sure but the red tag is the final price reguardless of it is in a box or display item. I carefully pick up the display piece and 3 of the glued halloween caricatures tip over along with paint chippling and broken tree branches. I asked what happend to this item and he looks at me and says thats because people like you keep *** with the display items.

I thought perhaps I mis understood him so ignored the obscene comment. I asked him what the price is for it "as is" and he says again as I told you before before the red price is firm reguardless. I asked again if he could verify other menards store stock since I have had other employees do for me. He angerly walks to his computer pushing a co worker off the computer types in a number and tells me the store 5 miles away MIGHT have it in stock.

I then say could you call and verify their stock so I know they have it and says no he won't, I point out he has a phone attached to his belt and another phone mounted on the wall. He replays "seriously dude, go *** yourself". The outburst was so loud that a little boy roughly 10 years old futher down the aisle looks at his father and says "Daddy, the Menard man just said a very bad word" At this point I showed him the lumber and drywall form I was planing to pay for and pick up in the yard and ripped the form in half infront of his face and left my cart of merchandise alone. As I walked towards the door a female employee runs up to be with a very embaresed and remosefull look of her face saying although she does not directly work with that employee she wanted to apologize for his behavior.

She had other employee pass her a form which she gave to me. It was a folded single piece of brown paper with a survey / comment form to fill out and mail out. She encouranged me to describle the situation as well as the employee's name and his general look description. The store location and employees name I am withholding at this time in the event the corperate office replys to my letter with my phone number.

Overall the store staff has been nice to me over the years but this employee needs to hit the road. Thank you to anyone who may take time to read about my recent situation

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

  • retail store and hardware
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While I don't agree with anything this employee did, I would point out that most of the phones in the store do not call out of the store. Hardware, for example, can only call in-store. However, they are located right by Millwork and can go over to that desk to use their phone.


I believe everything that you said. Employees at Menards (specially managers) are all a***h***s.

I stopped buying at Menards already and I have taken all my business to Lowes. Also, let me tell you that you should disregard any comment from Heartless since he is an employee from the store in Eau Claire in Wisconsin. He respond to each complain posted in this side about Menards.

Isn't it ironic that he post under the name of Heartless and works for Menards. His troll name speaks for itself!


I don't believe you. You're a TROLL.

You said this "I Selected a figurine of a "haunted village" which was motorized with annoying sound effects." Why on earth would you purchase something that you thought sounded annoying?

How did you know the hardware desk was associated with the Halloween items? Only an employee would understand that. Every time I've made references that the hardware department is responsible for such things I get this response; "WHAT THE HARDWARE DEPARTMENT *LAUGH* that does not sound right at all."

The thing I struggle with the most is believing someone would curse at you over and over again and still be working at Menards. The only way anyone loses their job at Menards is if if they get negative guest complaints regardless if they are true or not. Menards will keep around the most useless of workers as long they do not step on anyone's toes. This guy the way you made him sound, sounds like he WOULD BE STEPPING ON TOES ALL THE TIME.

If by a small chance you are not trolling THE HARDWARE DESK PHONE IS NOT CAPABLE OF CALLING OUT OF THE STORE, it can only call from department to department. I'm sure you have a cell phone correct? Why can't you yourself call?


"HEARTLESS" and MikeBrady are worthless un-American Menard's workers who would likely support any fellow employee being rude and foul mouthed towards you. They don't want to "work" at their jobs so they will be glad that you go elsewhere.

They don't giveAdamm about Veterans or good customers, so don't EVER look to them to be understanding. They need to be shipped off to a country where they will be happy, because they OBVIOUSLY don't care about the USA.


Now that was funny! Thanks for a good laugh to start the day!


"Daddy, the Menard man just said a very bad word" Yeah, that's exactly how kids talk - in the 1950's.


After experiencing the treatment of menards management, I expect this was the store manager not an employee. Good for you!

Stay away from menards and shop Lowes, Home Depot or local hardware stores.

The reject management and employee system at menards is just wrong. Spend your hard earned money where they appreciate and respect the customer.


I expect you could have saved a lot of time by talking to the store manager. The store manager will be the person who has to investigate and take any action. Had you made a complaint while you were there it would have made the process much easier and gotten faster results.