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We recently purchased two windows by special order from Menards Rochester North in MN. Those two windows costed us $1442.62.

When we picked up the windows, we immediately noticed one window's front screen was damaged. We went to the store and asked them to reorder a screen for us. When our contractor took the plastic wrap off the other window, he found the other window's screen was also damaged at the same spot. The contractor also found one side of the window wood frame was speciously damaged.

We went to talk to a manager and asked him to order the parts and send a technician to fix the window frame for us. The manager told us that Menards could not fix the damage for us but order the parts for us only. That is, we spent $1442.62 for two damaged windows, plus the cost to hire a contractor to fix the window and several trips from home to the store and back.

It is clearly that Menards sells damaged products to its customers and made its customers (us) the victims to pay for the costs. Thus, please DO NOT purchase any fragile products such as windows from Menards, because you have to pay full price for damaged products and they will not pay for the cost to fix it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jeld Wen Builders Series Window.

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" speciously "



They also order the wrong size windows...2X for us in Muskegon.


We've purchased no fewer than 20 windows from Menards over 15 years and have not had any issues with quality. We also did not spend $700 for each one.


How fancy are these windows?!? I'm surprised your contractor wasn't empowered with purchasing the windows; often they can get better deals than we lowly DYIers do, and know what to look for to ensure quality as well.


First of all, your expense are YOUR expenses. Paying your contractor, your gas, any labor to have said windows fixed comes out of your pocket and you will not nor should you not be compensated for being an unattentive *** (or your contractor by proxy, if he picked it up).

Second, you shot yourself in the foot when you accepted the windows as they were and did not immediately return them upon inspection and demand a reorder (the only thing that Menards will do and is obligated to do beyond returning the sale -25% restocking) in which case any expense you claim as inconvenience is still YOUR problem. The store's obligation ends at the door, so it your responsibility to bring it back to their doorstep when a problem arises in order to protect yourself. You're lucky they even agreed to order parts for you to fix it yourself, as you should just through it directly through Jeldwen since that's where they come from anyway. Doing so is just a *** measure at damage control for them since it costs much more for them to eat a reorder, but it's exactly what they have to do if you demand so or else forfeit the sale.

Also, what is it about everybody wanting these stores that sell the products to perform repairs or maintenance on the *** they buy from them?

They stock the items only, they don't even install anything and all deliveries for Menards in particular are third party. Certainly if you already have a 3rd party in your employ (contractor) you wouldn't be expecting the store to actually fix your ***?

They'll just get you another one. Why the *** do you think they would staff someone to do such a thing when the products aren't even manufactured there?


You neglected to say the plastic wrap was clear and that this damage would have been easily noticed when you got the windows. You also fail to say how long they had been sitting on your job site. Since you had the opportunity to inspect them when you got them it is very possible something hit them on your job site since no damage was noted when you received them from Menards.


You should have refused to take the windows or taken them back for a full refund when you found the problem(s). By the way, what exactly does "speciously damaged" mean? That's a new one.