New York, New York

Customer service is a thing of the past anywhere. My wife has a business and we came upon some hard times as well as everyone.

I talked to another credit card company and told of our dilemma and they worked with me to help get caught back up. Menard's will get hateful and snotty and chant "that's not my problem. We don't have provisions for that". then they continue to call and I keep telling them to send me a bill and I will do the best I can.

Not good enough. there telephone ettiquette is abhorant,threatening and hostile. They start calling days before you even get a bill so now i just hang up as a response to their actions and mentality.

"Hey Menards, not everyone is as crooked and as deceiving as you".

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the real fella doesn't make moronic grammatical errors. it isn't "if you have too", rather, it's "if you have to".

thank you and goodnight.


Hey FELLA YOU sound just like a G.O. up there in Eau.

Claire Wis. great job Im sure brenda , Dennis D.

OR the Menards brothers would be proud of you son ! Keep up the *** jobs you do for the customers !!


once again, i do not use caps, this wasnt me again. my words to you are, pay your bills on time and if you have too, get a second job, you deadbeat ***.


yeah dude, it's ALL on hsbc. 100%


Ummmm.....this isn't menards it's the credit card company, HSBC. Menards has ZERO control over this.