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In today's world, it is unbelievable there is no customer service phone number where I can talk to a live human being. Stuck with wasteful and inefficient "zen desk" emails that have not resolved my canceled order issue.

This is my first experience with Menard's.

It will definitely be my last based on this misadventure. {{REDACTED}}

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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They have added an additional 15 employees to each store with the addition of online. Get your facts straight ..

to chuck #1427561

Where on earth do you get the idea that they added 15 employees to each store?


Menards is a big box brick and mortar company. On-line shopping is just a sideline for them so they aren't going to put much money into a customer service staff.

If your are going to shop on-line with them, expect to handle your complaints on-line as well. Make sure you know what you are ordering as there is a hefty restock charge for the return of on-line orders.

to Anonymous #1424494

The concern never mentioned online shopping. Most likely a customer who was frustrated / disappointed with customer service being provided at store level and wanted to contact someone from corporate level.

As they mentioned there is no customer service phone number and e mails are only replied to by a generic prewritten from letter signed by "ray". Menards likes to play pass the buck until the customer finally gets frustrated to the point where they just go away

to Anonymous #1424576

If someone is trying to cancel an order placed at a store they can direct dial the department or even go into the store. The only way you can attempt and I would emphasize attempt to cancel an on-line order is to send an e-mail.

There is no phone number to call for on-line shopping, only e-mail communication. It's pretty obvious this complaint is about an on-line order.

to Anonymous #1427550

They have added an additional 15 employees to each store with the addition of online. Get your facts straight ..

to chuck #1427705

What, Guest Order Pickup? That's not 15 people.

And, it's pretty obvious that the eCommerce part of is a disaster. I'm not sure you have your facts straight.

to chuck #1430930

Where are you getting your information that they are adding employees? They are remodeling stores and adding warehouses to make more room on the sales floor and even combining 2 departments into one and expecting the combined department to work with the number of employees that one of the 2 had in the past.

More sales floor, fewer employees.

Just try to find someone to help you in the door and window area or with door locks. If you are lucky you'll find someone hiding at the desks in the far back corner of the store.

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