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I was in Menards on Delta Market Dr. off of W.

Saginaw in Lansing, MI. I was looking for an item and turned to ask a clerk - Vitoria - who was working nearby, where I could find cork. When she asked what I said, I spelled it and repeated it, as my husband asked me moments before to repeat it to him as well. She replied by saying in a very snippy way "I heard what you said".

I didn't get a chance to tell finish explaining to her what exactly what I was looking for because she abruptly walked down the HARDWARE aisle to what she thought I wanted. I kept walking and decided just to keep looking on my own when she said "Great, go ahead and be rude then." My son then jumped in and said she's not being rude, she's just looking for what she wants and Vitoria says "Whatever!" I couldn't believe it and we decided to just keep walking, but she kept talking under her breath. I found another employee and asked him for help and told him what had happened. I asked where to find the manager and he said that he would tell the manager, and I told him that I would tell the manager as well, which I did.

When I spoke with the manager, Matt, he seemed prepared for me and seemed to feign surprise stating that he just couldn't believe it - she was one of his best employees and he has never had a complaint about her. This sounds really really out of her character. He indicated that he would "ask" her about it. He basically just dismissed my complaint as if I was lying.

The thing is, I am a pretty laid back person, am not a complainer usually, and this didn't really change my mood all that much, but I incredulous that someone in customer service could speak to customers and treat them in such a manner, so I decided that I would let someone in management know. I have been treated rudely before, but this was one of the most blatant. I wish I'd had the presence of mind to video tape the incident at the time, but I was so astounded I just decided to walk away.

I am a crafter so I buy on a consistent basis and can get the supplies I need from Lowes or Home Depot. Maybe Menards has all of the customers they need and don't need anymore.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: To make sure that I or someone else is not treated in this manner .

Menards Cons: Way i was treated, Very poor customer service.

  • rude employee
  • Indifferent Manager
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So you speak poorly and cause multiple people to not understand you. Then when they attempt to help you get to what they think you want, because you do a poor job of articulating it...you just walk off.

That's not only ridiculously rude, that's how nutjobs behave. If you can't speak clearly (and obviously you can't if your own husband can't understand you, at which point you turn around and mumble the same thing incoherently at someone else), then expect that people are going to have to do the best they can at guessing at what your mumbling means.


You were in fact being rude. I'm certain you spoke with an aggressive or annoyed tone when you spelled out the word cork, like most people subconsciously do.

Spelling out what you're looking for is condescension at it's finest. You combine both of these things and you very well can conclude that you were in fact being RUDE. You got called out for being rude and didn't like it, so imagine how this person felt when you STARTED it. The best part is you say you don't complain, but you complained to several people at the store and now you're online complaining about it.

Get over yourself. You were rude and got put in your place, learn from this and stop being an ignorant consumer. Want better service?

Bet a better consumer! Finally I highly recommend heading over to the Home Depot and Lowes sections if you think they're so prefect, you will quickly realize they are no different.


Sounds like you had the intention of starting something. Did you ask your husband what he thought you said?

What's with the comment about wishing you had video taped the incident?

Only people out to cause a problem would be taping what they were doing. You seem to be the kind of customer any store would be glad to do without.


This must be Vitoria.


No, not Victoria but someone that can see that the poster probably isn't pronouncing the word cork correctly. If her husband, who should be used to her speech had to ask what she said surely didn't understand she was saying cork.

My guess from their reaction is that both her husband and Victoria heard her ask where she could find ***.

This might take anyone off guard and start an encounter off on the wrong foot. Having worked in retail for over 25 years I've heard a lot of things pronounced in a lot of different ways.