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I bought a entertainment/fireplace.They had the one I wanted on display but said they would have to order mine. I said I lived in a apt.

40 miles away and would have to have it delivered. It was going to cost $100 to deliver it They wanted to just drop it off in my garage. I have no garage. I said they would have to bring it to my apt.

There is a elevator right by the entrance door. I asked if they could take it out of the box and make sure everything was Ok as I am a handicap senior citizen and would have no way to take return it. They said it would cost me extra money for that and they were not happy with that service. I was getting so upset I was ready to cancel my order.

But If I retuned the item it would cost me $125 restocking fee.

They should have told me all this before I bought it. Where is the dedicated to service that Menards brags about?

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The delivery people are sub contractors just like every other major store they have charges for there services.


the "dedicated to service and quality" menards has on their store logo is just a gimmick to get people in the front door. The service is absolute zero unless your profiled as a thief by store staff and security. The "quality" part you will experience as soon as you use the item

have a nice day.


Did you ask about delivery before you bought it? If you had, they would have explained the delivery service, just like they did when you finally asked about delivery.

They use independent haulers who are paid based on the services provided. Brining a delivery into your apartment and unpacking it takes extra time and the driver deserves to be paid for his time.