Doylestown, Pennsylvania
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I only go to Manards as a last resort when other stores don't have the item or out of it. Getting assistance at Manards is like being on the streets of Iraq at two a.m.

No one speaks or makes eye contact. I asked a young Manards employee where I could find shelving as he hurried past me. He stopped,pointed and gave directions. I pushed my cart passed four Manards employees who were chatting amongst themselves and when I found my shelving,the young man who had given my directions was there too.

How about saying,just follow me sir. On another occasion a group of five Manards employees were chatting with one another. As I approached they broke up their group and one young man turned to me and said, hey,how's it going,then turn back and walked away. My last visit I wished to by a two ft.

square piece of aluminum. I approached two Manards employees. One Man on a phone other standing,a lady. I approached man on phone,he moved away,lady ignored me.

When the man got off the phone to asked to help me in a tone of voice like he's angry about something. Rude.Told him I needed a sheet of aluminum two ft. Square. He handed me a sheet of steel and asked if there would be anything else.told him this is not aluminum it's steel.

He picked another two ft. Square sheet of metal and got it right.

A man over thirty doesn't know steel from aluminum by site or it's weight. I always regret shopping at Menards.

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Sounds like these people complain to much!! Do they really think they are going to get help at lowes how ignorant they must be!!! this story about menards team member on phone maybe he was talking to a customer be patient u rude ***!!!!!!!!!!!!


Menards actually has an E in it.

I have the opposite opinion, I have trouble getting help at the local Lowes however Menards is awesome at helping find the items i need


If you always regret shopping at Menards, then simply don't do it. It is still a somewhat free country and you can shop wherever you please.

Smoething must bring you into Menards regularly for you to always regret it. Save yourself a headache and just go elsewhere!


This is exactly the same situation I had found at my local Menards and the same reason I avoid it even tho it is closer to me than Home Depot or Lowes by a few miles. An almost total lack of customer service or any help from employees.