Chicago, Illinois

I am a longer term and loyal customer of Menards who has spent thousands of dollars purchasing supplies from your location at 2601 North Clybourn AVe., Chicago, Illinois 60614 over the past several years.

Today, Sunday, March 27, 2008, I went to that store location and purchased merchandise and supplies for further improvements I'm doing on my home. Because of the load, I went to the customer service desk and rented a truck. This isn't the first time I've rented a truck from Menards. The salesperson who rented the truck w to me was identified as Victor. Victor went over the rental contract with him explaining the time frames for fees and said that I should make sure that upon return of truck , it's filled to the level of when it was rented. I took the truck, made my home deliveries, and put two gallons of gas in the truck to replace what I used - I live about 10 miles round trip from the store. When I returned the truck, Victor inspected it, recorded the gas level and then asked me for gas receipts. I told Victor that I didn't have receipts but to please check the gas level on the truck. He said he did check and yes it was at the level of what it was when I rented it, but that I needed to produce receipts to prove that I had purchased the gas. I asked Victor was this a new policy as I've rented rucks from Menards for years and never had any trouble upon "proving" that I refilled the truck to the level it was when I checked it out. Victor ignored my concerns and said that unless I produced the receipts, he would have to charge me. I reminded him that when I rented the truck from him, his instruction was to make sure the gas tank was at the same level as it was when I rented it or I would be charged $4.00 a gallon. At no time did he inform me that I had to produce any receipts upon return of the truck. When I brought this to his attention, he told me to read the contract and demanded payment. He went on to say I had no proof that I replaced the gas used, even though I pointed out that when I returned the truck it was exactly at the gas level of when I rented it. This made no difference to Victor. He might as well called me a lier. I went ahead and paid the $2.97 under protest, but the money wasn't the issue. He alledged that I was lying.

I asked to speak to the general manager and Mr. Brummond Sanchez appeared and said he was the general store manager. I asked him if he was the general manager just to confirm and he said he was. When he heard my concern, he reinterated what Victor had said and furher added this was a new company policy. When I asked for futher clarrification as to how the mileage rate was cocomputed, I was told the vehicle gets about 15 miles to a gallon and although not said this way, alledged they prorated the fee based on actual mileage. The fact that I returned the truck with the same gas level I left with made no difference to him as well. Before I left the store, I asked Mr. Sanchez for his business card and when he gave it to me, it revealed that he wasn' t the general manager but an assistant general manager. When I asked him why he represted himself as the "general manager" he said "I am a general manager at which time I corrected him and told him that that wasn't what his card read and that I wanted to speak to the general manager of the store to register my complaint. It was then that I learned Mr. Bruce Cooley was the general manager. I later called Mr. Cooley and expressed my dissatisaction with how this situation was handled:

> mislead as to terms of gas refueling of truck

> misldead as to who the actual general manager of the store was

> was basically accused on not being honest and attempting to cheat the company out of $2.97.

>embarrased in front of my family and other customers

I like to think this was aboration, as to the poor customer service but I'm not sure. I asked that you please advise your customer service reps that not all customers are liars or attempting to cheat the company out of what's due. In this case, the company's policy changed as to gas mileage.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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I think there self serve bagging sucks to it basically says you gave us your money now get the well out .But its messed up because I wont pack fast and they have to wait for me to finish snack the next customer anyway .I usually slow down just to prove my point .


I've never been to a city more exploitive towards women. It makes me sick and I can't wait to go home.


I want to clear something up on a previous posting. I said Menards in Urbandale, I meant the Menards in Clive IA.


Stay away from the Menards in Urbandale. The guys on the floor are very helpful. However the check out people are rude and the Customer Service desk is run by a couple of females that need go and get more training on people skills.


I think the Menards Manager who commented needs to understand customer service and good business practices. How much did it cost the store in sales for a 2.97 charge.

I could see if this was a regular occurrence by this customer but in this case it appears to me to be stubborn stupidity on Menards part. The question you may what to ask yourself is what ever happened to the Handy Andy's?


LOL, another, "I spend thousands here!" You are no different then the customer that spends pennies at Menards. Just because you spend thousands does not mean you are the special customer that does not have to follow a contract that YOU signed.

If it states you need to show a receipt upon the purchase of gas, you show the receipt. It's that simple.

Read contracts before you sign them, as Judge Judy would say! LOL


Nobody cares about how much money you have spent at Menards. We do not get paid commissions.

You think that you are better than any other customer just because you have more cash to throw around. Policies do change. They also have to be followed. Just like traffic laws.

For example, if you drove down a certain road for several years without having to stop at the corner, that is awesome. Then, all of the sudden, a stop sign is put up. You decide you are gonna willfully disobey and not stop at the corner. A police officer pulls you over.

What are you gonna tell him, let me guess, "Officer, I have never had to stop at this corner before." He would then give you a ticket and tell you to drive more safely in the future. By the way, the Assistant GM is the GM when the GM is not there. What should we do? Call the poor guy on his day off just to deal with your ***.

Do you want somebody from your place of work bothering you on your day off?

If you are that pissed off, do not shop there anymore. All of their paychecks will remain small like they already were when you spent all of that money there before.


I've rented trucks were they say put the gas were you found it they mark where it was on the form a professional contract has a place for that it with a actual needle indicator and the rep walks out and you both look at the needle and he or she writes it down no receipt needed.Menards it doing unorthodox business practices and was able to get extra gas from you it unethical business practices you need to be calling them on.Whether you spend a ten cents or twenty dollars.


Capitol One does not respond to my requests for futher loans even though we have had no problems with current loan.