Madison, Wisconsin

Towed our car when store closed. Shopped at Menards in Mt.

Pleasant, Michigan, and left our car when we went to get something to eat with friends, came back to find out our car had been towed by Menards. Come to find out, there had been some trouble with people partying and causing damage in the past. So now at 66 years old, I'm a threat to the Mt. Pleasant Menards Store.

Respectfully , I well be sure, not to park in your parking lot in the avoid any possible problem my car or uitility trailer mite cause, I'll respect your reasoning and hope you understand.....I'm sure you'll not miss what little business I may have done , and that I'm truly sorry I am considered as an undesirable costumer. Very sorry !.........Sincerely Richard Londry, Hemlock , Michigan.....................Sorry, in as much as I'm not to good with computers, I do not know where to read your "Consumer Terms of Service" as requested.

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OOOOOO, so because your old you shouldn't have your car towed???? Hmmm, lets park our vehicle in a privately owned stores parking lot. Listen here Richy, when you point your figure at someone you have 4 fingers pointing back at you.

You shouldnt of done that he's just a boy.


we have people park their vehicles at our store all the time. they give us their info, a way to contact them if something comes up, vehicle make model license plate, some people even give us insurance info. if you didn't make the store aware then it's your own fault


I don't understand how that is menards shouldn't have left your car parked there...and you are saying how would they do that to someone your were they to know your age? Doesn't make sense


You sure get your car towed a lot. Troll alert.


Was it parked where there were signs telling what hours it could be parked in the area that you parked it? Also why did you leave your car parked at Menards instead of driving it to the restaurant?


Hmmm...This is your second post today. So which is it Richard? YOU were towed or your WIFE was towed?!?